The plain truth is one does not have to be a filmmaker to cash out from the film industry. There are several other ways to make bank even as non-professional in the industry. Here are a few of those ways.

  1. Rent Out Location

If you have a space that you know is camera-worthy, you should definitely look into renting it out to filmmakers to use as a location for their film. It could be a restaurant or a house or even an empty backlot. Charging affordable rates to indie filmmakers and reaching out to well-known producers will help your pockets in the long run. Indie filmmakers are always in need of location, so creating a set from a space you have and renting it out will surely make you some secondary income.

2. Rent Out Equipment

Another lucrative rental business. If you’re not broke like me, who’s writing the actual article, or the others who are reading, you could definitely invest in film equipment and start a rental business with it. Equipment rentals can go as high as millions if you acquire the right equipment. You could create affordable packages for indie filmmakers or more attractive packages for already established filmmakers.

3. Fund & Produce Movies

If you’re richer than the person in the previous paragraph who can afford to invest in equipment, then you should consider investing in films. Become an executive producer and help fund films. I can’t assure you a particular amount in ROI but with time and experience, you’ll start making big bank. Funding films doesn’t mean you finance the entirety of the film, you can decide to contribute your finances to a certain need; it could be financing the equipment, or cast pay, or marketing.

4. Create an Online Course

So this is for people who probably went to film school but don’t entirely want to get into the industry anymore or old heads who’ve actually been in the industry for long enough and are tired of the hustle and bustle. If you’re knowledgeable in a topic related to film and filmmaking you could create an online course and put it out on an e-learning platform. It’s a great way to make passive income.

5. Rent Out Props

Another rental business idea for you, rent out props. You may have bunch of items that you think are cool but you don’t exactly need, don’t throw it away, rent it out. If you think it may be hard renting out random items independently, try working with the guy from number one who’s starting a location rental business. You both could partner and create packages for clients that offer location and selected props.

With all this information, there’s no reason for you to stay broke and allow sapa to romance you. Start making money in the film industry today!

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