95% of people wake up every day, feeling sad, worried, and disturbed about life. Most of whom are either tired about their jobs or worried about their family. 

For instance, an unhappy husband becomes the dread of the children. Every other person in the home feels the heat of his burning pains, including his wife, which he once claim to love. Of course, you can testify of your sad boss who sees your daily effort and contribution on the job as nothing.  

Now, lack of happiness has led to many failed marriages, lack of productivity on jobs reduces efficiency, and increase mortality rate. Sadly, suicide as become the only resolution lately for some people, after a long brooding and worries about their life, without a flicker of hope. 

Is this how you and I will continue to lose loved ones to the cold hands of Death because of an emotional trauma they face daily? What about you, aren’t you already getting to the edge of your life because of unhappiness?

Here are five ways you can take charge of your life and be happy always.

1. Do not stick your head on it longer than you should; no situation is permanent – Dear friend, never attach permanency to your present circumstances. What seems to happen to you today will also come to pass and become history. Therefore, do not be hard on yourself on a mistake or challenges which will someday become part of the success story.

2. Handle the control switch of your life yourself – You might not be able to control what people do you. But, of course, you can control how you respond to any action targeted to making you unhappy. When life situations throw you lime, pick it up, and make lemonade out of it.

3. Have fun like a baby- Well, I will rather say do the things you had always enjoyed doing while you were a kid and do it passionately. There are simple chores that bring back the beautiful and lovely childhood memories. Go ahead, do them, and enjoy happiness. Never outgrow your innocence.

4. Be Appreciative- Learn to give due credence for every work you do or for what someone else does for you; it gladdens the heart. The word “thank you” do you well than the recipient. Find reasons always to thank God. It gives you a sense of hope and happiness in life.

5. Be kind and do good – Your act of goodness strengthens your bound of relationship with people, and it brings them a tremendous ecstatic feeling. Hence, their happiness invariably becomes yours too.

In conclusion, life will not always be a bed of Roses. Therefore, to be happy in life, you have to be intentional about your happiness.

This article was written by Abaire Olawale Jeremiah; connect with him on IG here 


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