When a year begins, we most times start with resolutions that dictate how our lives, behaviours and activities will look like or improve positively but unfortunately, we tend to go back to our old ways after a short period of time repeating our mistakes, shortcomings and failures that may have held us back the previous year(s). Aside from your resolutions, here are a few ways you can adopt to have a successful 2018 as an entrepreneur:


The only sacrosanct activity in our personal and business lives remain planning, it is a deliberate step directed towards succeeding. While it is important to repeat the things that helped us to succeed the previous years, it’s also very important we generate new plans that can withstand modern business challenges and propel the business into more success.

Stop procrastinating

Delaying tasks will hamper business growth; it’s in the habit of most people to procrastinate and also give excuses for doing so. To succeed always, carry out tasks as at when due without delay.

Manage your team

People are from different background holding different beliefs and expectations. Try as much as possible to inculcate hard work, optimism and team spirit in them.

Explore opportunities

Entrepreneurs are most times afraid of change; they are comfortable within their limits and afraid of the tasks of venturing into new things. Be more daring in 2018 by exploring opportunities carefully and minimizing losses. That is, carefully assess the probability of success in the opportunities you intend to take on in order to control losses.


Innovation makes your product or service to be unique. If you desire to stand out in your industry, you must learn to do things differently in an outstanding manner. Constant positive innovation with creativity has helped businesses to develop greatly.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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