Think of social media as a place where all sort of people go to find things that interests and intrigues them at variance. The type of characters you will find on social media these days are endless; the attention seekers, the quiet observers, those hawking something, those criticizing and complaining about everything. The list is endless as you would expect, the world itself is composed of several kinds of people and the only passport anyone needs to appear on these platforms is access to the Internet.

It is completely acceptable the way social media can be accessed by anyone but for you whose primary purpose is to socialize and have fun, you’d have to choose your type of engagement on the various social media platforms available to you. Consider social media as a journey, with you driving to a destination and you have to steer your wheel to avoid the deterrents. It is in the same manner that you’d avoid some characters on social media to be able to optimize the utility you derive from using it.

Here is a list of 5 types of people to avoid on social media:

The Snoopers

You see, the theme and direction of your timeline or your page on social media should be yours to control, after all it is your account. But there are some people on social media who want you to say or show more than you want to. You post something like, ‘for seasons come and go‘ and they start to investigate, the next thing they’d ask is, ‘did your lover leave?‘ or ‘or are you heartbroken?‘ If you post something about your work, say, ‘read the fourth article I published on XYZ website,‘ they’d be the ones to ask how it is possible to write four articles in a short space of time.

Yes, people can care to know how you do what you do or how you live your life, but you should have a space that you own totally. You should avoid anyone who is eating too deep  into your space and digging too deep into your business.

The Sycophants

Oh these ones would tell you anything to make you happy, even when you make a wrong statement or a bad post. They are the type of people that support others to bully people on social media. You’d see them mostly clustered around celebrities and politicians on social media. They are there, always paying lip service. Even when the star does something wrong, they are there to urge him/her on. People like this should be avoided, especially on social media.

The Mockers

Social media is a fine place to get to socialize with your friends, a place to make new ones and grow your network. People can be really nice and friendly on social media but there are some who are not really interested in breathing the air of friendliness. They’re primarily on social media to show their grand posture while every other person is a joke to them.

Be careful with your responses on social media because some people there are not interested in the explanation you have to give. What they want is to get you to gaffe and then they mock you. You should avoid this type of people because no matter how hard you try to explain, they do not care. They need an object under their microscope of mockery, and you should not offer yourself.

The Wailers

Somehow social media has become a place where people take their complaints to these days. To be honest, it has proven to be fairly effective. But one has to be wary now because for some people, it is a way of life.

I recommend strongly that you search for positive energy any where you can get it, even on social media. That is why you should avoid those that continually spreads negativity around. You don’t want to be in a situation where one of the people you’re following on Twitter, often posts things that demotivate and laden your heart. You need to have a good air around you to be full of life, it is therefore necessary to eliminate anything that threatens that spirit of yours, and an everyday wailer is definitely one to do that.

The Fakers

These ones are probably the most difficult to spot but they are on social media, a lot of them in fact. They are the reason ‘fake lifestyle’ has become a popular topic today. They are the ones who talk about work on social media but they have nothing doing. They are the ones who have the most benevolent bae, who gives them gifts that inspire their posts and pictures on social media, but if you check, they are as single as they entered the world. They are those that hide their troubles to project a perfect life on social media. It would have been fine, since its their life and their page, but for you, if you know anyone in this mould, it is better to avoid them, so you don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, trying to duplicate a fake life.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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