A hair cut can be as classy as how you make it. Men get in here! This is as important as your clothing, so if you are ready to look fly say I’m in! It’s all about the man being classy and not the hair style, yet a man must know the hairstyle that fits your face and personality. A good hair cut can go a long way in defining a man’s face and giving him that dapper look.

Men please do not ignore the essence of a good hair cut, it speaks volume about your profession, mood and your overall confidence and style.

Follow me into the journey on how to look dope with your hair cut


This is not a bad hairstyle, contrary to some people’s views as most people squint at this hairstyle, because they feel it is for the older generation and is boring. Trust me you can pull this off if you are tall, have a toned body, and confident. This is for the conservative and classy man. A man that wants the focus to be on other parts of his body or probably wants to be taken seriously.


I will like to correct the saying that says . ‘ this guy wearing dreads is not responsible joor’. Dreads are cool, nice, beautiful, and one could look responsible with it, it all depends on how the hair is being packaged for the occasion or event. If you work in a corporate world, go for short dreads and pack it up nicely i.e if your boss allows that kind of hair style. Either way, keep the dreads clean, smart and classy. I wouldn’t do bright colours of dreads If I were you though.


It is not only women that slay corn rolls, men has worn this type of hair and still are wearing it. If you must do corn rolls, be it with extensions or your natural hair. Make sure you are not timid when wearing this hairstyle. It has to be neat, woven small not too big because that will steal the shine of the hair. Confidence is key. Do not weave your hair and dress rough, because it only makes you look rough and untidy, and people will say. ‘This is just a tout’ we don’t want that to be us, do we? so slay consciously.


This is an all-time favourite from way back. This screams free spirited and a hip personality. It can be done mildly and not over the top. Trust me, you do not want to go out with people thinking you are untidy with the hair overgrown. Make sure this hair suits your face, personality, this is not about the hair growing, make sure it doesn’t grow out of proportion, it has to be controlled, managed and put together by a professional. Bear in mind that you still have to trim, shape and cut.


This is known for its unique style. The hair is shaved by the sides, leaving hair at the middle. It was trending in the past, Who else will like to see men rock this hair style more? Definitely me. It’s trendy, attractive, cool, can be done in a sophisticated way. This is just a plea that we are tired of boring, normal, every day hair cut, which the classy man has nothing to do with. Bear in mind that a professional should be the one to hook you up with any of these hairstyles with your preference at heart, we don’t want people mistaking you for a serial killer. All in one let your inner fashion self-show, be adventurous and enjoy playing around with haircuts.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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