Colours speak to us as well as to other people about our personality. Colours speak about our mood and our overall well-being. People seem to know in a twinkle of an eye the kind of colours men are associated with, but you can’t say too much about that, especially because fashion is evolving every day and people are becoming more creative. Who wants a man known to wear basic colours?  Not saying be a clown but I mean sometimes step out of your comfort zone. Be stylish, unique, daring and confident.

These are the 5 colours for the confident man


This colour is commonly worn by men, but are they wearing it rightly, do they have the carriage to carry that colour? Black is one of the hottest colour for men no doubt, although depends on preference. Black  stands for sophistication and confidence. Even a shy man that puts on black becomes confident and daring. Remember to wear the clothes and do not let the clothes wear you.


This is another stylish colour for the confident and fashionable man because it is rare, and is not worn by the faint hearted.  Bear in mind that you should wear the yellow that best suits your skin tone. Yellow ranges from Lemon, Pantone, Munsell, Cray, Unmellow, Canary yellow and Psychological primary yellow.  A confident man will wear yellow as a T-shirt with or without a jacket, a pocket square in a suit, a pair of trouser paired with a black shirt or a dark brown shirt.  For the very adventurous men, he could pair with a red shirt or another shade of yellow as a shirt.


This is being worn by so many men nowadays, starting from shoes. In the past we had more of black and brown shoes but now men wear red  shoes probably matching with a red shirt or wristwatch.  I dare say if I come across any man like that he is sure not regular in fashion because he wants to stand out and make a statement. Red is a bold and confident colour, also not for the faint hearted.  It goes perfectly with white and black, but pair according to preference.


This colour is associated with authority, kingship and royalty. It is a daring and classy colour and is definitely for the confident man. Blue has an array of shades ranging from Sky blue, Ocean blue, Azure blue, Turquoise blue, NYPD blue, Navy blue, Presidential blue and so many others.  The popular ones people play around with is sky blue, royal blue and navy blue. Blue is perfect for shirts and jackets. There are blue suits too, let’s say you want to make an entrance to that big event, you can definitely pair a navy blue suit with red shoes. The royal and navy blue could be paired with black or brown shoes. Whatever the combination is, check skin tone, type of event and type of clothing.


This is a rare colour for Men as most men will shy away from this colour, but the stylish man is not going anywhere as he loves to stand out. A stylish and confident man knows how to pair appropriately so nothing to fear. There are different shades of green, some are lighter and some are brighter. Being a distinct colour, the daring man will wear a green wristwatch, green tie or inner shirt for suit, green T- shirt or a pair of green shoes, paired  with a darker colour at the top. Fashion is creativity, so it’s explorable.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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