Pattern on pattern is very possible and is being worn these days so ignore the saying of it is wrong because time has evolved and people are being very creative with their style. l love me some pattern on pattern any day anytime although most of us just started getting used to it and many do not know how to properly combine it and the result is destruction or you simply look like a clown in a circus. There are different types of patterns from stripes to checks, Houndstooth; these are known as micro- check, they are broken or ‘tessellated’ check. Polka Dots,

1. If you chose to do pattern on pattern, make sure the colour combination matches, everyone has a colour preference or what feels good in their eyes but check colour combination before putting the clothes on.

2. Direction is very important for example, horizontal stripe T-shirt under a vertical stripe shirt or if your top pattern is going sideways and quite busy, you can wear a trouser or shirt that is downwards and less busy. The idea is to create a balance.

3. Layering can be implored, this means when your top and skirt or trouser is busy, you can cool it off with a plain jacket or shirt, so as to reduce the noise in the outfit

4. Never do more than two pieces of clothing that have pattern, for example shirt, trouser, shoe, bag all patterned, that is going to be so noisy you would be compared to being a masquerade or clown. Do few pieces at a time and stand out.

5. The fit of the cloths matter a lot in pattern. If you are going to wear a loose floral top, you can pair with a fitted trouser or skirt. Baggy on baggy will make one look homeless and not put together. It’s a thumb up look, before you assemble your outfit; think of where you are going to, texture of outfit, style, fit, colour and fit. Be bold because this mode of dressing is not for the faint heated or shy people. Wear it with class and be sure to have a wonderful day.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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