What an exquisite way to add colour to your outfit. A tie is one fashion accessory that can enhance a man’s outfit. It is important for a man to know how to combine a tie with their outfit. Ties can be plain or have patterns, straight or be in bow form. However it may be, a man with a tie is a confident man. Ties are mostly worn to the office, corporate events, dinners or wedding. Tie is a staple piece that has been around for a while but how you wear it makes all the difference.

There are some certain colours of ties that are daring and make a man’s suit stand out. If you want to be that classy man that everyone wants to dress like, look below for 6 tie colours that can enhance a man’s suit.


This is one tie that we cannot get enough of; it is classy, catchy and eye popping. It can be worn preferably with black brown or any neutral suit. If you want your outfit to pop, the red-tie is your best bet.


Contrary to people’s believe that pink is only for women, which is not entirely true as daring men wear pink. Baby pink wouldn’t be the best option for men that are afraid to explore, but dark pink is your go to any day. Dark pink is trendy, classy and tasteful. Gone are those days when every man out there either wears a brown or a black tie. The jinx has been broken as men are exploring more in fashion.


This is a beautiful way to bring out the beauty in your suit. Imagine a neutral suit and you really want to look fashionable or stand out at an event, just grab a tie with mixed colours and you are good to go. Bear in mind that if you are going to wear a patterned-tie, do not wear a patterned suit, it is an offence to the fashion world and very distasteful .


The yellow-tie is significant and can be mostly worn to dinners and evening outings but if you are confident, you can wear it to work. The idea is to stand out and be stylish. You can also go for a more mellow type of yellow for the office.


This is a very uncommon colour but you can be the first to pull this off. The idea is not to follow trend but to create one. The colour green is beautiful, although it is advisable to look out for the shade that matches your colour, be creative and blend wisely. This colour will no doubt bring out the best in your suit, hence, are you daring enough to carry it? Fashion is getting better every day and so should your taste in style.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here



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