Jeans is one of the clothing materials that people commonly wear. Both male and female, you’d find people looking adorable in jean wears almost everywhere you go. You probably have some yourself. They help you look smart, classy and that’s why people have preference for them among other wardrobe items.

But despite the common nature of jean wears, the knowledge of caring for them is not so common. A lot of people who get charmed by the beauty of jean wears, only know little about how to care for them. This is perhaps why your jeans do not last as long as it should. Here are some tips to help you care for your jeans so they last long:

Spot Clean Your Jean

It is safe and completely acceptable to clean small stains on your denim with damp cloth and mild soap. It is a stress free way to prepare your jean for the next wear. This method is recommended as it reduces the frequency of subjecting your jean to harsh washing condition and by this, you’re caring for your denim to last longer.

Turn It Inside Out When Washing

You cannot spot clean your jean forever. After about ten wears, your jean is ready for a proper wash. Turn your jeans inside out to prevent it from losing its color. They say the way you dress is the way you are addressed. So the fade of your jean reflects your personal style. To keep your jean looking fresh and not badly faded, avoid having an aggressive spin cycle for it.
Remember to clean the pockets! Ink stains should not mess up the pocket of your jean. Also make sure sand and other dirt materials are not trapped in the pocket of your jean.

Use The Right Detergent

Have you been told, that the choice of your detergent is one way to show how you care for your clothes? Learn which washing material best suits your cloth.
For jeans, its best not to use harsh soaps, especially those jeans with indigo blue tint. Harsh soaps wash out the indigo blue tint of your jeans. Preserve the look of your jeans with the right detergent. Most detergents are concentrated, so apply little when washing your jean.

Use cold water and avoid using bleach

I’ve heard that some people soak their jeans in steaming water to take out the stains. But it isn’t the best, especially if you plan to maintain the color of your jean for long.
Cold water is preferable in washing your jeans, as it protects it from fading. You should also avoid using bleach to maintain the nice look of your jean.

Air Dry Your Jeans

It is preferable to air dry your jean after wash. Another option is using dryers, but dryers are not the best for your jeans. They cause your clothes to give out lints. It is better to use the natural means of air drying, as it helps to preserve the cloth’s fit and to avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping.
Also, keep your clothes, not only jeans, turned inside out when spreading them out in the sun. This helps to prevents fading of the cloth and to ensure the interior parts get dried.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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