The Chelsea star has been branded as “best central midfielder in the world” by Frank Lampard. It is by far safe to say that the former Chelsea and England legend isn’t the only fan and admirer of a truly remarkable footballer in Kante.

It is really a great feeling to have a hardworking and focused player in a team. Kante has adapted to the English football right from his Leicester city spell as it is evident in their breakthrough league winning season and now, table-topping and league favourites, Chelsea football club.

Basically, EVERYONE loves N’golo. Prepare to nod along in agreement.

Kante is incredibly hardworking!

This Frenchman’s work-rate on the pitch is incredibly high! You are really going to wonder if he’s actually the only one on the pitch. In the past weeks, we got handful of jokes on our social media about N’golo Kante being the “only thing that covers more than the water on earth”.

Okay, the whole ‘covering the earth’ joke has gone a little bit stale now, but still.

Fame? Never!

Ever since his cool finish and winner in Chelsea’s FA cup quarterfinal clash against Manchester United, Kante almost seemed disconcerted to be accepting both accolade and the man of the match award.

He doesn’t have his own emoji for goodness sake.

You did not hear about him two years ago

We’ve seen players struggled from the past and failed to hit that top note in their career. This guy started from the lower ranks of the French league; from Boulogne FC and then to Caen FC before proceeding to England to join Leicester city Football Club.

Quite the rise.

Just one hairstyle and it is no-nonsense

This dark-skinned Frenchman has got no time to bleach his hair or carve some random sort of pattern into the back and/or sides of his head.

Footballers with this look are known for their combativeness on the pitch. Take a look at Veron and Nigel De Jong.

Job done. Next stop, please!

He is feeding the “little boys” with hope

Here is 5’’7 N’golo mixing it with the tall and big guys of the Premier league week-in, week out. He would go toe-to-toe with apparently more physical opponents. He’s never the one to avoid a tackle. As such, he’s a hero to the ‘little boys’ all over the world.


This article was written by Alexander Ndace.

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