It is another season of celebration of love as valentine day which is February 14th of every year is here again. In the midst of the love sharing through gifts, dinner dates, trips cinema outings and many more, the power of music and it’s effective utilization to prove and strengthen our love towards and with our spouses, relatives and loved ones in general cannot be overemphasized.

Popular author, Hans Christian Andersen once stated that “Where words fail, music speaks” and the famous Rock and Blues musician, Edgar Winter also emphasized the power of music by saying “music is very spiritual and has the power to bring people together.”

In the season of love and the spirit of sharing, we present to you a playlist of powerful songs that will spice up your valentine celebration with your loved ones and make it a memorable one.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Released off the singer’s third studio album, Perfect is indeed a perfect song for lovers this season. With perfect lyrics and melody,  creating a perfect love atmosphere and scenario through lines like

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.”

Ed Sheeran delivers on this classic that would sure get lovers in the mood and create the feeling of appreciation and love everyone craves this season.

Love by Lana Del Rey

Taken off her Lust For Life album, Love was released to critical reception and acclaim. Various reviews have tagged the song one of the best love songs ever made and a perfect anthem for lovers. With a laid back tempo and soothing lyrics from Lana which spurs an atmosphere for exchange of deep feelings and emotions, Love is sure the tune to play while cuddled up with your partner or out late at night spending time with your loved ones.

My Love by Ric Hassani ft Johnny Drille and Tjan

This is a song that must surely be on everyone’s valentine playlist. Released off the African Gentle Man project, the trio powerfully profess their love for their lover with lyrics like

When I sleep I dream about you my love

You are an angel sent from heaven above

And I go place no one above you

And I’ll do anything for you,

My love.”

Ric Hassani, Johnny Drille and Tjan pulls through with a classic to serenade lovers this valentine season.

Joromi By Simi

Joromi is one of the lead singles off Simi’s debut album titled “Simisola“. The Oscar produced tune was released to massive acceptance and love across the country. With the message centering round the game of trying to win the heart of one’s partner, the song refreshes memory of lovers of the antics employed when lovers first met and is sure a must have on any valentine playlist this season.

Bamidele by Temmie Owvasa

YBNL First Lady, came through on the Id Cabasa produced infectious tune where she professed her love to her lover by promising to treat him right if he follows her home. With a traditional melody and a sing-along hook that can easily be mastered by lovers and sonorous voice of Temmie to complement, this is sure a tune that must not be missing in the playlist of lovers and music minded persons for this valentine season.

These songs on your playlist would definitely create a memorable and unforgettable valentine this year for you and your loved ones as they would sure appreciate your taste of music and reference for them which In turns fosters the whole idea and purpose of the season: Love !!!!


This article was written by Sam Synord; he tweets via: IAmSynord

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