Have you had dates and wondered why they never led to anything serious? Or you met this really beautiful soul and after a couple of dates, and even making your intentions known, you are wondering why they don’t just seem to be that into you.

Let’s find out why!

  • You did not express your most positive self: There would be enough time later (when you guys are closer) for them to know about how loudly you snore, how forgetful you are, etc. The first couple of dates is the time for him to know only the good things about you. In a fight, you do not punch yourself do you? Of course not, so, do not start off telling them about how badly your fart smells, of course they know you fart, you are human after all, they just don’t need the details. Honey these things would scare them away, so instead tell them how good you are at basketball, how much you love to take the IQ test, how much you love Jesus etc. Just good and positive stuff. In all this, do not show off, moderation is key.
  • You pestered him/her with calls: Yes, this is very important. So you guys had an awesome first date and then you automatically think you guys are best friends? No! They have a life, allow them live it. Don’t go about disturbing them with unnecessary calls so they don’t get tired of you. Absence after all, makes the heart grow fonder.
  • You weren’t appreciative: Trust me, nothing is worse than a person who is unappreciative. Everybody is busy and they left their busy schedules to spend time with you. You don’t have to roll over or go on your knees. A simple “thank you” would do. They are trying to impress you so let them know you appreciate it.
  • You gave unsolicited advice: Don’t give unsolicited advice instead you can ask for help with something so you can make them feel needed.
  • You were fake: Okay, I know we like to seem fresh, but you know what? Cut the British accent, cut the “r” effect in your words. It is always easy to tell that this is not your natural way of speaking, especially when you keep using pause breakers like “err” “urr” . Please just be yourself. I am sure they won’t mind and even if they did, it means they are not the right person for you. Nobody likes fake “asses” around them.


–  Written by Blessing Iyamadiken.

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