Everything your partner does now seems to annoy you. The habits you tolerated before and even thought were kind of cute now irritate you so much. They drive you crazy!

When we start any relationship we think it will last forever and so, when things aren’t going the way they used to or the way they should, we still hold on with hopes that everything will be ok. But when is it time to let go? Below are some signs that shows it is time to move on

Waning of intimacy

It’s normal that at the beginning of any relationship, you both can’t seem to get your hands off each other and it’s also normal for that to decline with time. But when there is little to no intimacy in the relationship then it’s a sign that one or both of you have checked out of the relationship. There’s no law that states how many times you and your partner should have sex in a week or a month but when it declines to a point that it begins to feel like a routine or when you go a few weeks or months without sex then you know that it’s time to move on.

When you spend more time staring at screens than at each other

When you or your partner are together but one or both of you spend most of the time or even the entire time texting other people or scrolling through feeds on Instagram or Facebook then it’s a sign that you are both absent and need to rethink your relationship status.

When you never talk about the future

Of course when you’re in a relationship you’re in it for the long term. But when you or your partner shy away from any talk of the future then that is really a red flag. It shows that you aren’t willing to go further in the relationship or take it to the next level. No one wants to remain stagnant in anything.

When you’ve broken up and gotten back together more than once

It’s fine to break up and fix things and then get back together again, but when this happens more than once, it is proof that you and your partner aren’t really working on your issues and maybe it’s time to start looking in a different direction.

When one of you is still hung up on a past partner

This is the most viable reason for any break up – in my opinion – as it shows that there is no real emotional attachment. If one person is constantly talking about their ex or comparing their partner to an ex it simply means that even though they don’t know it, they still feel something for that ex and so the current relationship won’t be progressive.

Of course there is always hope and you should try your best to work things out with your partner before making the drastic break up decision. But it is also important to know when to let go and move on. Communication is key in every relationship so before you decide to pack up and leave, try talking to your partner so you can both figure out where you went wrong and how to fix it.


This article was written by Faith Onaji

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