People often say that you can make something classy, even if it is cheap. Oh well to an extent. There are certain accessories you cannot but buy an original. Mind you, expensive or original is relative, but for the sake of this article I would say fiber wigs are a no no this time around. Have you ever wondered why you see your favourite celeb or just someone you admire looks simple yet classy as well?  They pay attention to details. Things like how their skin glows, to proper defined brows, lashes, clean and tidy handbags and the hair. One can achieve a classy look if you just weave your hair with hair attachments for way less, but for weaves and wigs, you want it to look as natural and tidy as possible, which most of the time is out of the fiber lane. Fiber hair is a kind of synthetic hair that is affordable to everyone, it has grades, but they all end up twisting and do not last long. It is also a preference thing. For ladies who buy quality weaves or wigs in order to look fly and look even more beautiful, these are 5 reasons you shouldn’t stop.

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Quality weave aka human hair gives a classy look, as the hair is flawless and soft. In Africa, some women do not have long and silky hair, so in order for the hair to look more natural, human hair is advised. Fashion has evolved so much that no one wants to be caught wearing fiber wig, as it gives a tacky, unkempt and cheap look.


Another name for quality hair is styling made easy. Natural hair is supposed to be easy to style. Quality hair is easy to put together. It needs little or no combing and almost zero shedding. It styles effortlessly, thereby making the woman look extremely beautiful.


Quality hair has another type of hair under their belt, it is called frontals, it comes in wigs and weaves, with this, ladies can have fun and play with different hair parting like side, all back and centre, hair looks like its gelled back. The hair can be packed and look extremely natural making it look like the hair grew out from the scalp.


Hair texture is so important as the more soft it looks, the softer, silkier and more beautiful the face is. No one wants to be caught with dry, hard fiber hair, this is not to knock anyone who is a lover of fiber hair if that is what you can afford well, make it happen for you. For quality hairs and wigs, it is easy to comb and gives a surreal texture that lifts the face, making the face look younger and appealing.


People can tell from a distance that one is wearing quality hair because it just shines, hardly need any oil, and it is attractive and speaks as big as your outfit.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

Image credit – HAIR FACTORY 

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