The black dress screams class every time  you put it on, imagine stepping into a room with people wearing so much colour, and you step in being the boss of yourself without following trend or looking like everyone else. Bear in mind that you have to carry the dress well and knock people out with a banging style, if not it just might be a fruitless effort.


It will interest you to know that this dress hides figure for those complaining that they are fat, have bulging tummy or not comfortable with their body, you can still be sexy and confident with a black dress. The black dress hides multitude of sin on the body. If the right size is worn and the right style is sewn, the black dress can make you look smaller. Why not look FAB without being sorry for your inadequacies.


This dress is definitely a keeper because it can be worn to all occasions without being looked at as not getting the memo for dress code. So let’s say you don’t feel like dressing like every other person or you got a late invite to that party, slip on your best black dress, accessorise if you may, and off you go. Bear in mind that some black dresses might not be worn for your next occasion because they are too glamorous. Pick a versatile one that you can either dress up or dress down.


Anyone can wear a black dress, unlike some dresses that you have to rob a bank to wear. From the high class to the average to the low class can wear it and keep their head high, because it comes in different price range and available in different shops worldwide, so it’s not hard to find. It can be gotten, according to preference.


You have no idea how easy it is to accessorise the black dress, but I tell you, it can be worn with any jewellery, according to the occasion, preference or type of dress. Any colour of jewellery can be worn with the black dress. Bear in mind not to over accessorise so as not to spoil the shine of the black dress.

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