There is always an exciting feeling that  comes with getting your skin polished, cleaned and buffed; it is called rejuvenation. Body scrub has been practiced for a long time using local remedies according to one’s culture and tradition or even preference. The Indians and Asians particularly love this treatment  when getting their brides ready for their marriage ceremony. It is also common in Hausa culture here in Nigeria, when preparing the bride for their big day.

The treatment is a process that involves exfoliating the skin using  an abrasive ingredient to buff and polish the skin. A major ingredient used are usually sugar and salt mixed with other ingredients, depending on what the client wants and skin specifications. It can be done as often as you want it done, people who are very meticulous about their skin prefer to do it once a month in a spa, which normally involves steaming the body in a sauna. It can also be bought and used at home during one’s spare time. For people who want  to know more about body scrub, these are 5 reasons why you should be interested;


Bleaching and toning heavily is not the answer to beautiful skin. However, if you want to take off dirt and brighten your skin or even give an even complexion and take off dark marks, your answer is body scrub. Body scrub lightens the skin naturally by exfoliating dead skin, giving the skin a beautiful and brighter complexion.


What better way to achieve smooth and silky skin other than by scrubbing your body with a body scrub. It is usually abrasive,  but in turn gives a smooth finish after the whole process.


You heard that right. The treatment removes unwanted hair from the skin. Body scrub treatments like Hammam which is an ancient Asian body scrub treatment, aside removing dirt from the skin removes hair too.


Body scrub has been known to  take off pimple from the body especially when done with body steaming, thereby making the pimple soft enough to go off after scrubbing.


Body acne cannot be totally cured but reduced with body scrub treatment. People with acne are advised to go for professional scrub treatment or use a body scrub at home to clear surface dirt and reduce the acne.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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