Happy new guys! It’s 2019 and it’s not too early to start making travel plans for the year. We know everyone has lofty dreams of visiting the Maldives, Seychelles or even Jordan. However, while making these plans and budgeting, why not add a Nigerian destination or two to your list?

Wondering where in Nigeria would make the hassle worth it? Well I have come with a list that you can choose from.

  • Abraka Turf – Located in Abraka, Delta state – this country club is a divine oasis. It is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday Nigerian life. While their accommodation is definitely a highlight due to the variety, there are also things that you can do while there.

Ever heard of River Ethiope? This blue green goodness is believed to be Africa’s deepest inland waterway. The clarity of this river is incredible and the source is said to be a cotton tree. Even if you do not do anything when you go there, this River is a must visit and there is a trail at the turf that leads to it so you can jump in for a swim or have a boat ride. The turf also offers quad biking, horse riding etc.

Other things you can do while in Delta state is a visit McCarthy beach, Chief Nana’s palace (the only living historical museum in Nigeria), eat Starch and Banga soup and just enjoy the vibe. This way, your trip is a mixture of relaxation, history and local cuisine.

To get to Abraka, the quickest route would be to fly to Warri and make the 1 hour drive down there.

  • Kano State – This is the 2nd largest City in Nigeria and the commercial nerve center of the North. Best part is, it is steeped in a lot of history. Visit this ancient City with us and find out what makes it such an amazing place. From the Kano wall ruins to the tie and dye pits, the museum to the Emir’s Palace, you are sure to love it.

The Kofar Mata dye pits were created over 500 years ago and can be found in the City center. It is still in use today with the same techniques being passed down. Upon visitation, if you are lucky you could get a live demonstration.

Although the walls lay in ruins, the Kano walls when first created were built to protect the inhabitants of the ancient city. Other places to visit include Giddam Makama Museum, the Emir’s Palace, Kano Zoo, Kurmi Market and Goron Dutse Hills.

So visit, soak in some history, culture and the sights and sounds of Kano.

  • Kwara State – They don’t call this place the State of Harmony for no reason. Everyone is super friendly and helpful; there is literally always a smile on the face of anyone you speak to. What is there to see in Kwara you might ask? Well let’s help you out with that!

Owu falls: This is one of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in Nigeria. It is often described as the ‘Wonder in the wilderness’ as there is a hike to get to the falls. With a fall of 330m the hike is well worth it.

Esie Museum: This was the first museum to be established in Nigeria. It is said to have the largest soapstone images in the world. Visiting is definitely creepy and hearing the stories is even worse but you cannot go to Kwara without heading there.

Dada Pottery: This is the largest traditional pottery workshop in Nigeria. There is an assortment of pottery products that range from water storage vessels to cooking utensils as well as decorative pottery items are produced. It is said to be as old as Ilorin itself and if you get there on time and you aren’t in a hurry, you can watch the women at work.

You can also throw in the University of Ilorin zoo and get on the canopy walk.

One thing is clear, Kwara might not be one of the famous tourist destinations in Nigeria, but don’t sleep on it either.

  • Kogi State – Lokoja (the capital) is a haven of history; from Mount Patti (which is the location where Flora Shaw got the name Nigeria) to the first Anglican Church in Northern Nigeria, it is a state you absolutely must visit.

Hike up Mount Patti (or drive if you’re feeling lazy) and enjoy the views. You will also see Lord Luggard’s first office and have a little peak into it. Something not everyone is aware of is that you can take a boat ride on the famous River Niger and Benue. I suggest you book this ride through the navy, that way your safety is ensured.

If you are not too creeped out, you should head to the cemetery which is the largest cemetery in Nigeria in terms of being the resting place for missionaries and soldiers.

To be honest there is definitely a lot to do in Kogi State but you can start with these.

  • Cross River State – It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is on the list. From Obudu to Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, the Slave Trade Museum to the Calabar Festival in December, there is a plethora of reasons to visit this State.

We are very sure Cross River is on everyone’s list even if it is only because of Obudu or Agbokim Falls, visiting isn’t a very hard sell.

Obudu has the beautiful mountain ranges and various waterfalls, the Calabar festival brings people from ALL over the world and Agbokim falls is such a hidden gem. Afi Mountain allows you roam freely amongst Drill monkeys and the Slave Trade Museum doesn’t need any introduction.

The only question left would be when you are heading there?

So now that we have given you a few suggestions, which will you be picking? In my opinion, choose all and make it a fun filled 2019!

‘Lola Daniyan is a travel curator, travel content creator and the lead travel writer at Unravelling Nigeria which is a Nigerian online travel resource. In her spare time, she likes to sleep, read and create mischief.

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