Dating or ceding to someone’s request to be their partner for a possible period of time can be tricky sometimes. The power rests on the woman to take the decision on accepting the request or declining it. 

But there have been times when a woman obviously likes a man but due to either one or more reasons—which can range from behavioral to economic—they just stay away from taking that step of becoming the man’s partner. Here, we’ve talked to five Nigerian women on the weirdest, most strange reasons for not dating someone.

Ada, 24

There was one guy I just couldn’t date because he was a Catholic. But there was also another guy too who though he was well off financially, like rich but then I felt like I couldn’t level up, someone being there financially and giving expensive gifts and I couldn’t reciprocate. So I turned it down.

The guy was like it doesn’t matter, it’s fine if I don’t reciprocate that he doesn’t mind. I was like nah, how will I be with someone who will be spending, randomly appreciating, giving gifts and all and I cannot do the same. 

Imagine. Someone will spend so much on you and when you want to celebrate the person, you can’t do as much as they did for you. It feels weird for me. So I was like nah.

Bidemi, 26

So I once turned down a guy I really liked because he mentioned he is an agnostic and I wouldn’t want to date someone whose perspective I can’t stand just to make myself look open-minded,  plus he drinks (he said he was a casual drinker), nonetheless I’ve never pictured myself with someone who does.

The drinking part may sound petty, but I believe (and know) there are still men out there who stay away from alcohol.

Joy, 25

I’ve refused to date a guy because he worships at Celestial Church and these people, I see them as too loud and fetish, like they’re religiously confused. They’re not just my type. 

And there was this guy that asked me out, we got talking through a friend and we vibed well. When he asked me out, I kept posting him because of the job he does! He’s an On-Air Personality! My fear and insecurities didn’t let me date him o. He’ll have lots of girls all around me and I can’t stress.

Yetunde, 23

Well I refused to date a guy because he said that he is bipolar so I have to manage his excesses. The first thing that came to my mind was this boy is going to be a narcissist, for him to be comfortable with being bipolar and it doesn’t seem to him that it’s something he needs to work on! I told the guy that what he needs is a therapist not a girlfriend! I love my life too well, make one boy no complicate am. 

And I said no because he is a yahoo yahoo guy, I believe there are nemesis/repercussions to everything we do in life. I have seen different examples of yahoo guys that started well but are not doing so well later in life. I fear for my life and my future children, I can’t allow their father’s greed to spoil their lives. I want a man that I can be proud of his profession and flaunt him.

Mary, 26

So, I’ve turned down a few guys that were interested in dating me due to either difference in religion or having body odour, which is something I can’t stand. 

But there was also this particular guy amongst them. He isn’t reserved, he’s always everywhere, just be calm and be reserved for once. 

Then another guy who at the stage of getting to know each other, this one will always raise his voice, you can’t even correct him, he would change it to arguments and all.

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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