If you have a business page on Instagram and you provide a service or sell products, this blog post is for you, so grab a pen to take notes. Instagram is one platform where many people have been able to make money but to do that, you must know the rules of the game. Certain things put potential customers off of your business, and if you’re not aware of them and keep doing them, it will become detrimental to your business. Off the top of my head, I can mention one thing that turns away potential customers from a business page on Instagram: the non-disclosure of prices. I’ve got a few other things that Instagram entrepreneurs should note. Thankfully, “7figurechick” has broken all of this down and provided an alternative to these actions.

  1. Begging for Patronage on Instagram: This includes captions such as these: “Please buy from us today,” “We are still selling.” “Please support us!” This is simply wrong because it reinforces the fact that your company and what you offer aren’t all that great. It also communicates to everyone watching that no one is buying from you. It’s important to remember that people will only feel safer doing business with you if they believe others are doing business with you as well.

This is what you should do instead:

  • Address the pain points of your customers
  • Show them the value they can gain from using your products or service.
  • Use professional emotional triggers that attach your product and value to them.
  1. Being cryptic about prices: In the world of business, every second spent offering your product or service to a potential client is highly critical. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by stressing your potential customers when you have yet to give them any value. 

Here’s what you’re actually doing to your business when you say “DM for price” :

  • You’re reducing people’s capacity to trust you because of your lack of transparency.
  • You’re reducing your sales because at least 50% of people will lose interest in your product or service because it’s just… well, stressful. 

This is what you should do instead:

  • Make it super easy for people to decide if they want your product or not by posting your prices.
  • Set up an online catalogue of your products like a website or virtual price list and direct your clients to it if you are not comfortable posting the prices.
  1. Posting repetitive content: It’s just so damn boring when we’ve seen the same thing a thousand times! On Instagram, people want to be entertained. That’s the best way to get their attention. It’s fine to post the same content maybe twice. But more than that? This is just unacceptable. Even if it’s the same product you’re posting, find a way to repurpose the content and spice it up. 

This is what you should do instead:

  • Engage the services of content creators to help create content for your products.
  • The alternative is to learn how to use apps like Canva, Over, or Crello.
  1. Shooting at random targets: If you are ready to make money on Instagram, you have to be so in touch with your ideal client that they feel exposed. If you haven’t found your target audience to a T, you are wasting time and money marketing to everyone.

This is what you should do Instead:

  1. Stealing or borrowing content: Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that says nobody will notice. Trust me, they will know. This is especially true if you are in a mainstream industry like beauty or fashion. Once you steal another creator’s work, you are immediately discrediting yourself and making it known that you ain’t got the juice like that.

  This is what you should do instead:

  • Invest time in coming up with original content for your brand. Because the same people following you are following your competitors. Don’t play yourself like that.

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