It’s summer 2022 and we are outside! Actually, I’m writing this from inside lol. And I have zero plans to be outside, but I’ll gladly cheer on all my millennial folks out there who have travel plans for the summer. The younger generation of millennials can currently fund vacation trips themselves, so a lot of the most popular travel destinations are going to have an influx of millennial tourists this year. I can’t wait to save a lot of money so I can join the bandwagon soon. But until then, I’m going to enjoy living vicariously through Instagram and TikTok. 

Travelling is so much fun, and part of what makes it fun is travel fashion. Making fashion statements on your trip is not an option, especially if you plan to post vlogs and pictures from your journey. That being said, I can’t let you pack up your suitcases without putting you on to these five millennial summer travel must-haves. Fellow millennial and travel blogger Dee of @wellwornheels recently shared these five must-haves, and I’m sharing them with you all. So grab your travel outfit list and write these at the top.

Sunglasses: It’s summer, and in most destinations, that means hot sun and UV rays. You can read more about the summer heat in a recent article on the website here. Let’s get back to sunglasses: they’re not just an ordinary fashion accessory; they protect your eyes, and a good-looking pair can be that statement piece you need to elevate your outfit. The most trendy right now is a pair of white sunglasses. They look classy, and like Dess said, “once you get one, you can never go back.”

Flowy Dresses: This one is for the ladies. A short or long flowy dress is great for travelling; it’s easy to move about in and looks great in pictures, especially for those “wind in my hair” kind of shots. So make sure you pack a couple of them. 

Ripped Jeans: Are you a millennial if you don’t own a pair of ripped jeans? Ripped jeans are undoubtedly a millennial trademark, so you can’t travel without them. Ripped jeans look good when worn well, and they make you look and feel young. They’re also a signal to people not to mess with you (if you know what I mean).

Comfortable and stylish sneakers: These are a travel must-have. They make moving around really easy, and they go well with a flowy dress or ripped jeans, so you can’t go wrong with a stylish pair. To quote Dee, “My Atoms sneakers, I wear them everywhere. They’re the perfect combination of comfy and stylish, and I always get compliments.” 

Crossbody bags: These are so practical and easy to carry around. They keep your belongings close to you and are quite stylish. Carrying a unique crossbody bag will make you look trendy and can be a conversation starter.

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