These days, only a few things are more entertaining than Jenifa’s Diary. The Nigerian comedy series has become an item in about every household. Watching the comedy thriller whose concept is drawn from the very successful movie, Jenifa, has become a tradition of Nigerian youths and young at heart. In small and large gatherings, at homes, schools, social gatherings, even at offices, fans comes together to talk about the funny scenes and many skits of the series.

There are many features of Jenifa’s Diary that endears it to fans but one unique feature of the series is the very impressive choice of characters. Most of the characters in Jenifa’s Diary have this likable and hard-to-ignore quirk that their acts are increasingly influencing our chat trends. Now people use, how is you?, worefa, the two both of you and the likes in informal chats. Jenifa’s Diary has indeed become the cynosure and here are some of the characters that make the series enjoyable:

  • Jenifa: the principal character in the series, Jenifa herself, cannot be ignored nor can she be hated. The character, Jenifa acted by Funke Akindele, speaks hilarious caricature English and the fans love her that way, because, on another side, her experiences have real-life similarities that fans find educating and creative. The story centers on the comical Miss Jenifa and she delivers with creative artistic displays.

  • Toyo Baby: Jenifa’s friend with the angelic heart. Toyo Baby is without doubt a fans’ favourite. She is always the conciliator; she is always there to clear Jenifa’s flood of She helps Jenifa settle in the strangely unfamiliar environment by indoctrinating her to Lagos lifestyle. The Toyo Baby character, which Juliana Olayode acts, is loved by many for being patient, understanding and loyal. Fans perhaps wish they have one or two friends like Toyo Baby in their lives.

  • Adaku: Jenifa’s diary characters do not let their food lay unguarded because Adaku would pounce on any unguarded chow. Another Jenifa’s friend and loyalist, except of course she is often bought over with food. Omotunde Adebowale aka Lolo1, wears the Adaku character nicely, she is Jenifa’s partner in crime at their workplace, NikkiO Salon.

  • Sege: fans enjoy seeing Sege profess his love for Jenifa in his customary accentually faulty way; it is super-funny the way he speaks. The Sege character is played by none other than the humorous Falz the bad guy. He loves Jenifa but she doesn’t or at least she feigns it. Jenifa’s Diary fans believe they would form a perfect couple.

  • Kiki: Kiki is Toyosi’s sweet-hearted friend. The Kiki character is portrayed as a child from a wealthy home. Strangely, she finds Jenifa and even with Jenifa’s indefensible displays, Kiki finds her amusing; fans love this about the Kiki character.

The series, Jenifa’s Diary, is an amazingly creative body of work and Nigerians love every bit of it. Jenifa’s Diary is constituted by several loveable characters that create a virtual world on our screens, a virtual world that many fans wish to be part of. Jenifa’s Diary enters the entertainment space, getting such massive viewership that it seems Nigerians have long been missing such impactful source of amusement. There is no doubt that fans want to see more of Jenifa and her friends.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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