Every success requires some level of discipline and sacrifices. We often wonder why it looks like luck always happen to some persons but in the reality what we see are always the manifestations of years of hard work, focus and discipline. There are always rules we follow if we must continue to exist as human beings, we avoid things that can harm us and embrace those that guarantee comfort and freedom. Entrepreneurship is not different and for one to succeed at it, the following habits should be avoided:

  • Quitting too early

When you set out for business, you will be challenged with difficulties and discouragements. If you lack self conviction, vision and focus, you can be easily discouraged into quitting. True entrepreneurs are always shaping and reshaping their strategies and also exploiting opportunities always.

  • Cheating

An entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for opportunities to short change his/her customers and partners is bound to fail woefully sooner or later. A lot of products have phased out of the market because their producers took advantage of those that patronized them by engaging in reduction of content or quality in order to gain more profit.

  • Not planning

Not planning is bad for entrepreneurship as it shows lack of direction and goals. Entrepreneurs who succeed are very good planners.

  • Not trusting others

When you are in business, you are suppose to lead and also be able to spot people who can deliver tasks, in the absence of trust for other and in their abilities, an entrepreneur will struggle alone to succeed. This habit can weaken a business in the absence of the founder.

  • Lack of creativity

Entrepreneurs with no creativity at all hardly go far. Creativity helps a business to stand out, generate more customers and dominate its market.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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