In entrepreneurship, there are great achievements that are often belittled. These are milestones that only exceptional thinkers who are creative and zealous can meet. It is therefore of important note that we understand them and appreciate the greatness inherent in these feats. If an individual is bold enough to walk through a path that is less traveled because of its turbulence and many gridlocks, most people on this journey are always loners whose family and friends consider mostly to be out of their minds or on a futile mission. So if you are an entrepreneur or nurturing the idea of venturing into entrepreneurship, here are a few great milestones that you should take note of when you reach them as they can help to keep you constantly motivated:

Idea conception

When one is able conceive a business idea that proffers solution to problem faced by people that hitherto had no such remedy when implemented and can also be considered profitable in the short-run or long run. This milestone is sole the motivator of most popular entrepreneurs around the world as their idea always give them vision and optimism. From Jobs, Tyler Perry, Jack Ma to Zuckerberg, idea conception is always their greatest drive for success.

Setting up

Despite having great ideas, fears have held a great number of persons back from attempting to set up their businesses. Setting up is a great milestone that should be celebrated. These include the acquisition of the location and completion of the legal procedures involved.


When you are fully ready for business with product/service in a location considered suitable, patronage becomes the direction towards where your focus and efforts will be centered. Entrepreneurs around the world hardly forget their first set of customers especially the ones that propelled their first major breakthrough. The ability to generate patronage is a great skill and every first time entrepreneur or business should consider patronage a big milestone.

Growth and sustenance

Growth is another great milestone and also the proof of validity of any business venture, when a business can grow and sustain the success over a period of time, it shows the ability of that business to serve its customers satisfactorily.

Rising after a fall

When businesses fall, many entrepreneurs will lose it, their drive and self esteem will vanish. Returning to the business and nurturing it back to success is a feat that deserves a thumb up.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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