Depending on the show or movie, a character’s career isn’t usually a point of focus, hence the character constantly neglecting their work duties to pursue to plot of the film. Due to the compelling story, supporting characters, and subplot, it’s pretty easy to forget the character is meant to have an actual job. Some writers make it easy by already establishing that the character is successful in that business, leaving room for the character to froclick about the movie doing God knows what. Unlucky for some characters, I’m bored enough to nitpick those who are absolutely terrible at their jobs and deserve to be fired.

Chief Ajadi – Your Excellency

I mean I guess this goes for most Nigerian politicians? so let’s cut him some slack. Tt’s unlikely any Nigerian politician actually knows how to do their job so it’s not abnormal that this fictional representation of politicians is also as unprofessional as possible.

Zuri – Smart Money Woman

It’s very obvious Zuri cared less about her job and wanted to focus on being a baby girl. She was quite terrible at her job and hardly seemed to acknowledge and appreciate the privilege the job afforded her. Is it bad I lowkey (but highkey) wished she got fired instead?

Kambili – Kambili : The Whole 30Yards

Kambili too is another character that had prioritized other things over her job. It’s a miracle she had that job for as long as she did. At least she was ambitious enough to want to better her career.

Kemi – Flowergirl

For someone in the beautification industry, Kemi seemed to know little about the idea of beautification. I don’t know, maybe it’s because it was 2013 and the definition and standards of beauty were different, but my good sis was not the best florist out there.

Everyone – Ojukokoro

Incompetence was a recurring theme among these characters. Their collective and individual incompetence at their jobs and general tasks are what fuel the comedic elements of the film. From the manager of the fueling station to the fuel attendants, none of them deserve their jobs. We know the country sucks and you work at the shitties fueling station in Nigeria, but at least pretend to try lol.

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