The weather we’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks has put a damper on many things. It has undoubtedly given loads of people the blues and taken the colour out of almost everything. Every plan people make now is subject to the fact that it could rain at any moment, so I can imagine that many people have had to take a step back, especially in terms of their regular fashion. It’s hard to dress up when you’re trying not to get stained by muddy water or get beaten and soaked by the rain. So it’s just easier to go for black or dull-coloured outfits. 

But despite the weather, this week, we want you to put a spin on things. We’re quoting Beyoncé and saying to this weather, “You won’t break my soul.” We’re putting colour back into our week and shining as brightly; as we possibly can. As we have said in previous blog posts, what you wear, has a way of making you feel good and uplifting your day and mood. And just as our style inspiration for this blog post, Buhle mentioned in one of her captions on Instagram, “How you show up in the early part of your week sets the tone for the rest of your week.”

But the plan is not to only show up looking great on the first day of the week but throughout the work week. Going through Buhle’s curated Instagram page, we fell in love with all the brightly coloured two-pieces, suits, and outfits we saw. It got us inspired and excited for the work week, and we know that you will feel the same way after seeing these outfit inspirations we’ve put together from her page. 

At the end of a rainy blue sky, when the light shines through, comes the rainbow, so this is your rainbow and your sign that it’s time to step out looking radiant and eye-catching.


White is such a pristine colour that it stands out. You can never go wrong with a head-to-toe white outfit. Take a cue from Buhle in this all-white ensemble.


Buhle captioned this photo best, “Tiffany blue for the office? Definitely. This colour is happy, fresh and also very calming.”


Green gives off fresh and clean energy, so if you’re a fan of green, then you’ll love this head-to-toe green look.


The colour purple gives off royalty, nobility, luxury and grandeur. What a bold statement to make in an all-purple outfit.


Pink is such a sweet and happy colour to end the work week. And in this look, you can head straight to happy hour!

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