The diversity in the sounds circulating the Nigerian music space can be attributed to the rise in number of creative producers who are not too scared to be different. They willingly explore different sounds and music elements, whether or not it is popular, from across the world to create new and unique music styles. These producers are adventurous, creative and confident in their ability to write a new page in the history book of music, particularly in the Nigerian music history book. Here are 5 impressive new school producers you should check out:

Reinhard Tega

The dark and handsome producer is with the popular Chocolate City Records. He is one of the producers contributing to the revival of Hip-hop music in Nigeria, having worked on some of the genre’s most impactful projects in recent years – like The Chairman (MI III), Illegal Music III and the Crown album.


GMK (Grand Master King) is a multitalented. He combines music production, sound engineering and singing. He is one of the Monster Boyz Music Group who are vanguards of the evolving Afro-fusion genre which is commonly termed Alternative music. His most notable works include his contributions to MI’s “Rendezvous” Playlist and the production of Santi & Odunsi’s “Gangstar Fear.” Odunsi recommended GMK, in a tweet, as the as the expert to go to for excellently mastered songs.

Remy Baggins

The name is associated with smooth, refined and quality sounds. The artist has been around for long enough to be considered experienced although much of the recognition only started coming his way recently. He has about four projects to his name and the most recent collaborative EP with Eri Ife titled YLLW, is a high quality body of work that reflects Remy Baggins’ technical strength. The producer also made input on MI and Ice Prince’s projects.


Genio Bambino

Genio is another member of the Monster Boyz Music Group. He specialises in Afro-fusion music with a heavy R&B influence. He released an EP titled “Carpe Diem” in 2015 and a 10 track “Virtuoso” album in 2017. The album features the new crop of music minds like Lady Donli, Odunsi and Santi. He is one of the rising producers who are bring diversity to Nigerian music.



Higo is one of the names associated with inventiveness in the evolving Nigerian music scene. The producer and artiste is a member of 80 Sounds alongside DOZA, Mav (Le Mav), Sosa and Tobay; a group which draws inspiration from music of the 80s to create music for the new generation. The rated producer is credited for his works on Odunsi’s “Desire” and “Situationship.”


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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