Thanks to the growth of social media and its participation with virtually most people in the world, we have not just been able to get a little bit closer to our favourite celebrities but most of us – regular individuals have gone on to become social media superstars, garnering for themselves a community of faithful’s who love the content they consistently dish out online. Creating for themselves a source of income and importance in our ever evolving and demanding world and becoming an influencer.

Most of these influencers who have grown their fan base have gone on to become a favourite with brands and have been smiling to the bank ever since without leaving the comfort of their homes or in our eyes, “doing much”. Some of these Nigerian influencers are – Maraji, Wofai Fada, Chief Obi, African Ape and the rave of the moment LASISI ELENU, who in my opinion is over commercialized but in this case, it’s a good thing – more money in the bank for him.

These influencers where once like us. Nobody’s, practically looking from the outside in but today they are celebrities making money doing what they love. How did they do this? And how have they grown to a community of over 500k followers on social media individually with brands practically begging to have them on board?

They used what they had, chose a niche, became consistent and became true to themselves.

Here are my top 5 steps on how to make it to the big league and become an influencer, raking in money in your sleep.

  • Find an Interest

Make sure you pick a field you love and make it your own. Whether it’s an interest with a lot of people interested in or one that just has a few people, own it and make it yours and push it with all the strength in your bone.

  • Consistency

Consistency is key. In a word that moves on quickly from yesterday’s news, you need to be in front and center with your audience. Always release your content on a given day of every week so that your community knows you are serious about your craft.

  • Content is Key

Not just any content will do, make it worth the watch or a click. When you create very good content, more people will come on board with your talent. Dedicate enough time and commitment to your content.

  • Audience

Your audience is your market, so make sure you please them or make them feel appreciated. Like, mentions and follow-backs are very key, especially in the early stages. Make sure you are as real and relatable as possible, never strive to be what you are not. Make sure your content is unique.

  • Promote your content

What good is your content if no one gets to see it?

Whatever effort you put in your content, double that effort to promote on social media. While doing this, make sure you pick a channel and go ham on it. Whether it’s TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM OR YOUTUBE. Pick one and when you have started to gain traction, start with other channels and your followers will willing follow you on the rest. But first, pick one and go hard.



This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks 

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