Haircare management is essential to how well your hair grows and how healthy it becomes. Lots of people desire long, beautiful, and healthy hair. However, this can only be achieved with proper hair management. It’s not just about using different products on your hair or jumping at every new hair product that pops up on the market. It’s about making a conscious effort every day and every week to care for your hair. In the same way some of us pay close attention to our skin and ensure we keep up with our skincare routines, we should also have a haircare routine if we want to see continued hair growth and keep our hair looking healthy. 

I understand how burdensome it can be to keep up with routines, especially when they are numerous and complicated. It is also not easy owing to the fact that staying alive in current times requires a great deal of effort, not only to stay alive but also to remain mentally healthy while juggling daily responsibilities. And finding the time to keep up with a hair care routine might seem less important. However, self-care has been proven to be a very effective way to distress and release mental pressure. Devoting a few minutes or hours to haircare or taking steps to ensure your hair is healthy can make you feel good about yourself, especially when you start seeing positive results.

Thanks to hair, beauty, and skincare creator Kristina Manners, who shared tips on her hair growth, we’re able to bring you five of the easiest hair care tips for continuous hair growth. If you’re keen on growing your hair and having it be the envy of many, keep reading.

  • Tip 1: Wear satin or silk hair bonnets or sleep on satin or silk pillowcases.
  • Tip 2: Once a week, deep condition your hair.
  • Tip 3: Trim the ends of your hair on a regular basis. This is a step that many people, including myself, have difficulty with. However, if you do not trim the ends of your hair, your hair will become stunted and unhealthy. So keep this in mind the next time your hairstylist advises trimming your hair.
  • Tip 4: As much as possible, avoid using heat styling.The use of heat on your hair on a regular basis impairs hair development. Hair straighteners and tongs, in particular.
  • Tip 5: Be patient. I understand that everyone wants to see results right away, but you should allow time for these steps to take effect.

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