The ambience that transforms our neighbourhood into a festival is almost here. Soon enough, the jingle bells and carol songs would fill the air. The Santa Claus season, Christmas, draws near.

Usually, the festive period is known for its high rate of social activities. People choose to enjoy these festivities in different ways, while some people enjoy changing their way of spending the festive season, others have a festive culture. This form of enjoyment might include visitations, trips to resort centers or some reunion with friends and perhaps family. However, what is most important is that as individuals, couples or groups, we identify the best form of fun and go for it in the open season of festivities.

For those in Lagos or those planning to visit, these are some exciting things to do this Christmas:

  1. Visit the island- Takwa Bay


In Lagos you would be spoilt with choices of places to visit, however, Takwa Bay should be one place you should favor visiting. Just some minutes away from CMS Boat Jetty, Takwa Bay is surrounded with beautiful blue water and sandy beach. It is just the right spot for planned picnic.  Water skiing, jet skiing, boat cruising are other pleasures offered there. Takwa Bay is known to give visitors movie-like memories. You should visit.

  1. Explore the green spaces in Lagos – Freedom Park


The on-the-road nature of Lagos might have kept you away from the quiet, serene and cool spot of the city all year. It would be wrong to think that Lagos is all work, traffic and ‘the law’. There is more to Lagos than the conventional. Try the great green space of the Freedom Park, preferably in the company of one or two lovers of fun. Freedom Park provides recreational entertainment such as open-air performances, music shows and games. There is so much to do and enjoy at this park.

  1. Visit La Campagne Tropicana Resort


La Campagne Tropicana Resort spells luxury and fun at its plushest. It offers exactly the off-the-grid treat that some of have been craving for. Located at Ikegun, off Lekki / Epe expressway, it is one place with many pleasures, water sports, land sports, games and relaxing are all part of it. A Christmas season at La Campagne Tropicana Resort is surely going to be one Christmas well spent.

  1. Christmas window shop at Ikeja City Mall


A lot of socialites would like to ask, what is Lagos without the mall? Some call it ICM – Ikeja City Mall, the Ikeja Shopping Mall is one of the exciting places to go shopping in Lagos. With several stores ranging from clothing outlets to gift shops, there is just so much offered at Ikeja Shopping Mall.  It is sure that the mall itself would be wearing a ‘Christmas’ look with nice décor to fit the season. ICM is definitely one place to visit this Christmas.

  1. Visit the Cinema


Oh yeah, cinemas. Lagos is now filled with them.  Believe me, there are so many movies and not enough time. Christmas offers you the time to visit the Cinemas to enjoy the best of movies. I cannot line them all; 3 wise men, Colourless, ’76, The Accountant, Fantastic Beasts are just some of the movies to watch this period. The whole experience always leaves you with something to take-away. Visiting the cinemas for the right movie is one way to enjoy this Christmas.

These are some suggested places to visit this Christmas. There are other places to visit in Lagos. As I wrote earlier, you would be spoilt with choices. The most principal thing is to enjoy the festivity and steer clear of trouble. Enjoy!

This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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