I am smiling at the so many accomplishments I have achieved in life – a booming career, a house of my own, a car and some properties to my name. What more can I ask for? There are deep envied and jealous people who curse at me at any slight opportunity they have (as if they aren’t guilty of what they accuse me of or they would not do the same if they had the opportunity.) I have always said there are two things in getting you what you want in life; your passion for that thing you want and your pxxsy. So I have learned to turn those mocking words into passion and becoming what I want – a side-chick.


The expensive-flowery scent of the room could lure you into your sweetest dreams. I smiled as I caressed Chief Okuego’s late sixties soft pot-belly; sometimes, I wondered why his wife couldn’t do the caressing herself. Well, it’s getting reduced now, thanks to my gym routine check on him. I was so happy I would be getting my dream Range Rover today.

Hmmmmm. You have soft hands baby.‘ He said as he fondled my big breast, grinning sheepishly.

‘Let me suck you‘ I smiled.

He started making sounds like an electrocuted somebody, Was it roaring? or whinning? I laughed and spat. It took very few seconds for him to reach climax. What an easy job.

He had literally fallen asleep and his deep loud snoring which I always had to put up with kept me awake most hours of the night.

The next day, I was driving out with my Range.


I advertised my shoe store online and people had so many negative things to say about me. Calling me all sorts of bad names and this shit started after my nudes leaked online which I had sent to Chief Okuego. Well, I got a Range as compensation for the online trolls and my gram presence increased; so many added followers. Cheers to them!

I drove in to my shoe store. My staff were already resumed.

‘Good morning Ma’

‘Have they delivered?

Not yet ma. But they called few minutes ago. They said there is a bit delay due to their security system but it would be sorted out within 24 hours

Hmmmm. Inform them to double it. Transfer the money to them. So by this time tomorrow this store should be full.‘ I instructed.

Okay ma.’

How many orders do we have?’

Our site almost crashed. We have so many customers already.

I smiled. ‘Very nice.’

Now, I think I should be wondering who the talkers and the trolls are? I wasn’t expecting so much high figures. Even the online trolls were ordering my shoes. I laughed.


Mr John-Kay’s private jet was like a dream come true. This was every top-priority girl dream but only the first top-priority girl gets to be on this plane. If you can sleep with his PA for a whole week and suck the life out of his dick, then maybe you are worth being on this plane. I had to take meds from the lack of good sleep and my throat became so itchy that my doctor had to admit me for days. And I had to keep taking bitter pills throughout my stay in Dubai as I kept sucking and sucking. But it was still a beautiful dream come true as my account would be loaded with expensive money and I get to open another shoe store branch across town. Wait; before I forget.

‘Excuse me, can you take a pic of me?

‘Click’ and its on my gram page. My hashtag of a business and an independent woman.


My two weeks Dubai trip was the talk of every gram page and blog online. My gram page was now filled with less trolls and more admiration. ‘They all wanting to be like me.‘ I had earned 70% more off my shoe sales and have started re-stocking again.

My stylist was doing some finishing touching on my gown. I was dressed black for a corporate women get-together. My make-up was flawless as usual and I was given a topic to speak on. Well, my PA took care of that. All I needed to do was to read out exactly what was typed out.

You look really good Eno’

Thanks dear. Take a pic of me.’ I said handing her my phone.

Don’t forget to tag me’ She said, winking. I smiled.


I was starting to notice some abnormal discharge from my vagina. This isn’t happening again. This was the worse shit I hate to experience and sometimes I wish I just took all the meds in this world to stop this. This was not the first time but I didn’t want to worry much because my doctor will take care of it. The first thing was to book an appointment with him.

Your treatment is for two weeks and during the cause of time you are advised not to have sex.’

But doctor, why can’t you give me an injection first to make the symptoms go away. I prefer taking injections than pills. I would come back next week to start treatment‘ this stupid infection would not stop me from travelling to Paris tomorrow.

That’s not advisable. It may lead to more infections which may be difficult to cure and you are a woman. . . .’ He paused. ‘You should start your treatment immediately. Although I can give you a pill to stop the discharge, since the discharge makes one uncomfortable then you start your treatment tomorrow.’

I smiled. ‘Okay doctor.’


My gram page was filled with pictures of my Paris trip with Mr Robert. The hotels I lodged, the varieties of food I ate, the gym I went to, the mall I visited and my shopping Spree’s. These were the beauty of Life.

Fortunately for me, he extended the trip and of course my charge doubled. I bragged online about no one visiting ‘The underground Sea Restaurant‘ as I posted pictures of my dinner date with a table filled with varieties of food. Well, this generated another online troll as they started calling me names as if it was my fault none of them had ever visited the airport not to talk of travelling abroad. I laughed at them and refused to delete the pictures. To make matters worse, this girl that wanted to be the one enjoying the Paris trip after Mr Robert dumped her somehow hacked my account and sent all my nudes online and accused me of having several abortions just to get her revenge satisfaction. And this online trolls starting calling me a dumping bag and a damaged womb, well, the good news is that I ended up staying in Paris for a month with more money in my account and opened yet another shoe store. Let her die of pain there. I laughed. But it’s also advisable to do a damage control as I gave out free shoes to my followers; That should shut their mouth up.


I was at my booked surgical appointment at the hospital. I wanted to make my butt bigger and I had contacted the right doctor for that. Well, trust the online trolls when I flaunted my body. I told no one about my surgery but trust people to always find out. I was labelled fake and worthless as if it was their money I used.


I was driving for a dinner date with Biodun. He was a single rich and charming guy we literally ran into each other and exchanged numbers. It had actually being a long while I had dated a single guy and it won’t hurt if I gave a shot. But he was a one-minute type of guy. We had been exchanging calls, text messages and went out together. It was like a love-affair as the talkatives and amebo’s in town carried it online and everybody assumed I was already dating.

This was the first time we would be having a dinner date; I didn’t know the feeling of dressing seductively in a green dress. My stomach was bubbling.

Awwww, such a romantic guy, I thought as I was escorted to meet him with so many candles and fancy lights and he then he proposed. Our proposal was the biggest surprise in town, almost everybody believed I won’t be ‘wifed’. Some tongues were left hanging and some mouth opened. Please close them dear, swallow your spit and take a cup of tea as you are going to be flooded with the biggest wedding ever had.


Three years into our marriage with a beautiful girl (which I and Biodun had gone through thick and thin to have; but that I won’t disclose) I smiled and looked at how beautiful everything had turned out to be.

But was it really beautiful? I got the codes of an UnBecoming Side-Chick.


This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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