Ruger dropped his first project some days ago. The Jonzing World artist’s Pandemic EP is an all-access pass into his cathartic world where though he doesn’t bare too much in terms of emotions, but after repeated listens, the EP gives form and meaning to the kind of artist and sound he’s creating.

He’s expressive and confident, combining well with Kukbeatz’s creations to deliver an impressive project. After some spins, here are our first impressions.

His genre is some fiery dancehall style 

On his self-titled debut single, Ruger gave a preview of the sound signature he was crafting his tracks from. His persona demonstrates someone who’s tough, so does his music. There’s some patois here, some Jamaican dancehall inspired flow there, laced with vocal stretches and melodic singing on the self-titled track. 

We see more of that on Bounce where the bouncy beat drowns out his ferocity. He floats in a freewheeling manner, but the Jamaican dancehall intonations and similarities remains. “Naija boy, me nuh feat dat, me I’m like money, ah dey smell like mint.”

Abu Dhabi is the standout hit

Though Ruger was still in his dancehall element on Abu Dhabi, his expressive style is paired with mellow feels of the underlying dotting melodies. The beat’s framework is minimal but its soft, hypnotic nature elevates Ruger to look inward and sing out his heartfelt desires.

His crooning assumes an affectionate state and it doesn’t matter what he’s singing about. Abu Dhabi holds a huge replay value.

The themes center around women and self-confidence

Bow sounds like a brief access into the world of Ruger. He sings fictionally about some people, repeatedly mentioning the words Grace and Jah. You get his sound as an artist who’s confident, boastful, shooting at what he wants.

No obstructions, no impossibility. With Grace and Jah, everything inna affi possible. Monalisa on those skittering drums finds Ruger in a merry state. He goes on a spree, obsessive about a certain lady and her features. It doesn’t stop there, the slow-whining ballad, Bounce has Ruger in a gentle, appealing mood. Again, he’s still hypnotized by his woman.

Ruger and Kukbeatz have some amazing chemistry 

With Kukbeatz producing all the tracks on Ruger EP, it shows the duo have a long-standing relationship of some sort. Ruger’s confidence doesn’t simmer in all of the tracks and it brings to fore that the producer knows the artist well. All of the beats waver in their structures, sometimes melodic, sometimes sprinkled with booming percussion, yet the aim is achieved—bolster the freewheeling nature of Ruger.

We need Ruger on some collaborations

With his destructive and boastful flow, Ruger being featured by a pop artist should be the next on the books. The wunderkind is brimming with some heat and applying such wreckage on some melodic track heralded by soothing vocals of a singer would bang hard.

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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