I get compliments on my long legs every time I go out, and it makes me feel good. Women always come up to me and say “I wish I had your long legs!”. Although I’m 5’11, I know there are ways to dress that make your legs appear longer.

Chi of petitedressing.com says, “First of all, tall or short is a relative concept. There’s no way for other people to tell if you are short or not unless they stand next to you. The eyes and brain judge if you are tall or short based on your body proportion, i.e. how long your legs are relative to your torso. Therefore, proportion is everything.” We can not magically change body height, but we can work on improving our body proportions to change our perceived height. 

Here are the five best ways to make your legs look longer:

  • Match the color of your pants and shoes: This will make your legs look longer because it forms an unbroken vertical line across your legs. It makes your shoes look like an extension of your legs. That’s why it makes your proportions look better.
  • Invest in high-waisted bottoms: Anything that has a high-waist design will make your legs look longer. The reason is the highways design sits higher than your natural waist, so it makes your torso look shorter and your legs look longer. It could be a high-waisted skirt, pants, or jeans.
  • Wear short or mini skirts: This is the most classic way to make your legs appear longer. Midi-length skirts do not elongate the legs, and they’re not for women who want to appear taller.
  • Choose pointed-toe shoes: For petite women, pointed-toe shoes are the most flattering shape.The one inch of difference on the toe between a pair of pointed-toe and a pair of square-toe shoes makes a world of difference in your outfits. The pointed toe shoes make your legs look longer, so do not look past that one inch of difference.
  • Wear nude-colored shoes: One of the most flattering shoes for petite women is nude-colored shoes.The reason is that the nude-colored shoe blends with the color of your skin. That is why it creates the illusion of longer legs. Shades that are lighter or darker than your skin tone will ruin the effect, so make sure to find the perfect match.

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