I think we can all agree that not only is breakfast one of the best meals EVER, but that there are a ton of totally fun Lagos brunch spots sprinkled throughout the city, just waiting to be discovered. Am I right?

I mean, without having to get the work done, you can choose from an assortment of breakfast options that include pancakes, French toast, waffles, eggs, and basically any other piece of carb awesomeness that you can think of.

Whether you’re heading out with a ton of your family members for Easter Brunch in Lagos, having a business meeting over brunch, or just brunching it up with your favorite girls, we can agree that not all brunches are created equally.

Here are 5 Brunch Spots, out of many, that I would recommend, and my experiences in my recent visits;

  • Circa Lagos
brunch spot in lagos

2 Kola Adeyina Close, Jerry Iriabe, Lekki.

A beautiful aesthetic and an abundance of natural light makes the perfect spot for a midday brunch! Circa Lagos is tucked in one of the quietest residential parts of Lekki, which makes it a great location for a quiet brunch date. Circa Lagos serves a modern fusion menu featuring breakfast, yassa, burgers and steak.

What I ordered: 

As a sucker for plantain, I ordered the “Onje Aaro” which was basically grilled mashed plantain, eggs, sausages and smoked mackerel sauce. I requested for extra bacons and got a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as well. It was the perfect “Nigerian” breakfast thing to eat from the menu.

The mackerel sauce was the best part of the food as my plantain turned out to be much riper than I’d have preferred. The bacons were the perfect level of dry, but the beef sausages tasted wrong though, just bland, like it lacked any atom of spice.

More Deets:

Damage? Onje Aaro (N4,200), Extra Bacon (N1,100), Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (N1,500).

Mood? Circa Lagos is an ideal spot for brunching with Family.

Outdoor Seating? Yes, with industrial fans to help on hot days.

Parking? Enough compound parking space.

Brunch Hours? All Day and Night; 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM

Takes Reservations? Yes. Probably wise to make reservations if you’re going in a large group as seating is limited.

  • Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker
brunch spot in lagos

3rd Floor, Mega Plaza, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island.

Craft Gourmet is a gorgeous restaurant, strangely located in a shopping mall, but with the very beautiful interiors, top notch service and relaxing atmosphere, it is definitely a fancy place. If you’re not a morning person, I guarantee that you will be, after devouring brunch at Craft Gourmet. Rest assured that this is not your average brunch spot though, this is brunching at its bougiest, as the menu is pricey.

What I ordered:

This is the only restaurant I’ve been to where I wanted every single item on the brunch menu. You’ll find the breakfast and brunch menu classier-than-average.After roaming the menu for nothing short of 10 minutes, I finally requested the help of a waiter to recommended one of either the Avocado Toast or Chicken Avocado Croissant.

He recommended the Chicken Avocado Croissant, which was Croissant stuffed with avocado, roasted marinated chicken breast, lettuce tomato and mayo with bacon on the side. I ordered an ice shaken espresso as well, which was unexpectedly served in a large jug.

The avocado was refreshingly smooth, the croissant was warm and buttery, creating a fantastic textural contrast to the creamy avocado. I reluctantly resisted the urge to place an order for another one to takeaway.

More Deets: 

Damage? Chicken Avocado Croissant (N4,100), Ice Shaken Espresso (N1,000).

Mood? Craft Gourmet would be a great spot for a fancy Sunday Funday Brunch with the girls.

Outdoor Seating? None.

Parking? Mega Plaza’s parking lot would suffice. Otherwise, street parking works. 

Brunch Hours? The breakfast menu serves from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and the Brunch menu serves from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Takes Reservations? Yes. Probably the best idea if you’re going in a group.

  • Cactus 

20/24, Ozumba Mbadiwe Way, Victoria Island.

Cactus is a Restaurant located by the lagoon bay shore.  It has an uber chill vibe with its rustic, industrial chic interiors that are ultra-stylish but without being overly pretentious and hipstery. There is an outdoor Lagoon-side seating area, as well as a playground for children. 

The staff are also super friendly, yet professional too, and will gladly make food recommendations if the menu leaves you incapable of deciding what to order.

What I ordered: 

The menu at Cactus is diverse, delicious and entirely homemade. They also have desserts and pastries that are an ideal, mouth-watering, take-away gift!The breakfast menu however, isn’t very extensive, serving English breakfast and a few other breakfast combos.

I ordered the Lagos Passion which serves vegetable omelet with a side of porridge beans, sausages and fried plantain and fresh tomato stew. I got a cup of chamomile tea to go with that. They were nice enough to serve complimentary slices of bread and a glass of juice, very delightful! The eggs were great but beans was probably my favorite part of the meal, it was so perfectly prepared and tasted like homemade porridge beans but was sadly served in a tiny portion.

More Deets: 

Damage? Lagos Passion (4,200), Flavored Tea (N700)

Mood? I would definitely recommend Cactus for a business meeting type of brunch.

Outdoor Seating? Gorgeous outdoor seating area overlooking the Lagoon. 

Parking? Yes, a lot. 

Brunch Hours? 7am to 12pm daily.

Takes Reservations? Yes. 

  • Flower Shop Cafe

274a, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island.

Flower shop Cafe located in the heart of Victoria Island, is an all-day café with a breathtaking interior design that will definitely leave you speechless, but in the best possible way. The incredible breakfast menu is served from 8:00am to 2:00pm daily. The menu features everything from toasts and breakfast bowls to salads and sandwiches.

Now, because this place is new and popular, Sunday brunch fills up fast, like within fifteen minutes of opening fast. Therefore, either get here real quick or make a reservation before arrival.

What I ordered: 

Out of curiosity, I ordered the Ina Kwana breakfast pot, which contains mixed yam hash with sausage, Nigerian beans, spicy tomato sauce, topped with a sunny side egg and a side of fried plantain. You’d be curious too right?

The taste of the mixture of yam hash, porridge beans and sunny side egg was definitely unexpectedly pleasant. The meal was so filling that I couldn’t drink the cup of banana smoothie that I got, I had to order a bottle of water. 

I generally enjoyed the vibes of the spot but I felt the needed to leave in a hurry, as I was alone and occupied a 3 person’s table and there were people in the waiting area, waiting to get seated. Thankfully, the waiting area is also designed to have seats. 

More Deets: 

Damage? Ina Kwana Breakfast Pot (N3,800), Banana Smoothie (N2,800), Water (N600)

Mood? Very cute spot for a casual brunch date.

Outdoor Seating? Few outdoor seating in the small patio.

Parking? Decent parking, but a little inconvenient as cars have to be parked behind other cars.

Brunch Hours? 8am to 3pm on Sundays, 9am to 3pm on weekdays.

Takes Reservations? Yes, you should make reservations even if you’re brunching alone, as this place gets really full. 

  • Churchill’s Bar

6, layi Yusuf Crscent, Lekki phase 1.

You know when you wake up on a weekend and just don’t feel like making any decisions? Churchill’s Bar is probably your neighborhood go-to place for breakfast or brunch on those days. 

Churchill’s Bar is known for serving delicious food at very reasonable price, but this place is not your regular, fancy style, brunch spot. It is a pub and so there’s a lot of beer drinking and cigarette smoking within the premises, which makes it a non-family friendly spot.

What I ordered: 

Like everything else here, the menu was a bit quirky; mostly serving regular British breakfast, a few combos and a craft-your-own-combo, so I ordered a combo of pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs and sausages. 

Churchill Bar doesn’t have a drinks’ menu so you may have to ask for recommendations from the waiters or just settle for a smoothie like I usually do. But this time, I didn’t have the stomach space for a smoothie so I ordered a glass of juice. 

Like every other time I’ve visited this place, I didn’t have any complaints about my food. The eggs had the perfect fluff and although the pancakes don’t have the texture of your homemade pancakes they tasted good enough.

More Deets: 

Damage? Pancake Combo (N2,000), Glass of Juice (N400)

Mood? For the unorthodox brunch experience, you definitely want to try this spot.

Outdoor Seating? None. 

Parking? Street parking, but usually never difficult.

Brunch Hours? 8am to 3pm daily (But word out there is that they would be nice enough to scoop you a plate of breakfast at about anytime, even at midnight!)

Takes Reservations? Yes, but you’d probably never need to. 

This article was written by Mercy Imiegha

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