Hitting the runway is one thing that models do and do gracefully. Models are  usually very confident and glad when they are about to go on the runway. It is essential to prep  before going on stage and look your best before the event. Be sure that people in the audience will be more wowed when you come correct. Every model should have a normal skincare regime in order to put themselves together and prepare to hit the runway, if you are not sure about what I am talking about, here are 5 beauty tips before you hit the runway.


You do not want to go on the runway wearing short dresses or a hot bikini with a hairy leg. Make sure to remove the hair by preferably waxing them to perfection. This will give an instant glow when walking that runway.


The audience notice models legs a lot so it is important that they glow to the heavens. Rub on your favourite oil and rock that runway. This will give a perception of a tidy, put together and fly Model.


The face is as important if not more important than the legs. The audience are not just looking at the cloths the model is wearing but the skin. What other way to appreciate the cloths other than with a smooth and healthy skin to go along with that. Hook yourself up with a good facial and glow!


Preparing for a runway show is hard work and you sure need a hot body to carry those hot cloths. Go to the gym, be trim and get your body properly sculpted, eat healthy, drink lots of water, eat fruits and the rest is piece of cake.


This is extremely important especially to knock off fragility, give strength plus overall glow.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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