Blazers are an easy way to dress for the office! Adding a blazer to practically any outfit instantly transforms it into a “smart casual” vibe. This makes it super easy to pair a blazer with shirts and skirts/pants to achieve a corporate look.

Picture not knowing what to wear to a Monday morning meeting at work, especially if you’re all suited out (tired of wearing suits). All you have to do is put on your favourite shirt, your favourite trousers, and that blazer you’ve been keeping at the back of your wardrobe. And, just like magic, you now have a perfect corporate look for your meeting.

If your closet is short on blazers, this is the time to stock up (any excuse to go shopping, right?😁). Blazers are available in a variety of prints, fabrics, and designs, making them a stylish workwear option. A blazer can effortlessly elevate your outfit and provide you with that much-needed boost.

Here are 5 badass ways you can style a blazer for work meetings:

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