4 Weird Things Most People Are Doing In 2021 That Doesn’t Actually Make Sense

Every year comes with its drama and weird things that go viral. One act becomes popular and as a result, loads of people are re-enacting it. 

You unconsciously might attempt something just because you saw it on someone’s IG story or a friend also is doing it. 

Either unconsciously or to satisfy the people who follow us on our socials, these acts call for a check. Some are actually cool when done right or not just alright at all.

Here are a few weird things people do:

1. Holding Up Your Phone To Record Someone Cutting Your Hair

Hey it’s your money and it is okay for you to do that. You probably jumped on this seeing a celebrity do this or later seeing one of your close pals posting something like that. 

But thinking about it, it makes sense if you’re the only one in that video. It’s however cringy holding up your camera to video record yourself and the person behind you barbing your hair or scrubbing your feet. 

My g, they didn’t sign up for this drama. But hey I can’t dictate your lifestyle too.

2. Wearing baggy pants and oversized tees because…

“Everyone is doing it, let me try it too.” This latest fashion craze is everywhere. Our mums would tell us back then “if everyone is jumping into fire, will you also follow them?”

Ever stopped to ask why you’re following this? I guess it’s trendy but it also pays to have a mind of your own.

3. Buying Caprisun Packs Because…

Nostalgia, I get. Or probably not having enough of it while we were kids because you only get to drink this when you attend birthday parties. 

But let’s face it. Are you getting those packs to remind you of the childhood memories or “to go on IG and say ‘hey guys I also have Caprisun too”

4. Ghosting

Most self help advice will occasionally recommend going off for a while or logging off to find your peace. Yet what about people or things you’re committed to?

Do you keep them in a place where they worry that they can’t find you or reach you? While logging off to gain some clarity is good for your mental health, at least inform people who you’re committed to.
This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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