Some people time and again are unsure of what comprises a suit. A suit is a pair of outerwear made of the same fabric and intended to be worn together, usually consisting of a jacket and pants or a jacket and skirt. In terms of A three-piece suit, this has an addition to the ensemble, which is a vest underneath the jacket and on top of some type of dressy shirt.

We consulted a professional fashion designer, whose clothing line tailors suits for men; to give us insights into men’s suits and enlighten us on what kinds of suits are fit for different occasions. Ijezie Chimmuanya, also known as Chimmiboy is a fashion designer building a fast-growing fashion brand called Chimmy & CO.

If you’d like to be well versed in the knowledge of men’s suits and up your style game, then keep reading to see the various suit styles dished out by Ijezie Chimmuanya and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Originally, suits were always tailor-made from the client’s preferred fabric; these are now known as bespoke suits or custom-made to measure. Currently, suits are offered in about three ways:

  1. Bespoke: These are custom-made by a tailor from a pattern created entirely from the customer’s measurements, giving the best fit and chosen choice of fabric.
  2. Made to Measure: For this, a pre-made pattern is modified to fit the customer and a limited selection of options and fabrics are available.
  3. Ready-to-Wear: This is sold as-is, although some tailor alteration tends to be required.

Here’s a quick guide to working out which kind of suits fit for different occasions:


Your style for the office has to look smart, not only smart but practical and built to last. This is because you will be wearing these pieces more often than your ceremonial suits. An office suit should be a basic style, either single-breasted or double-breasted. A top-notch fabric should be used, considering the intended longevity; a Cashmere or a Wool fabric is perfect for this. Additionally, simple corporate shirts and ties are more acceptable than anything with loud colours or patterns in the office. The intention of wearing an office suit is to look smart and appear acceptable.


When it comes to your wedding, there is a list of options to choose from. Your choice of suit would depend on different personal factors; this could include the colour of the day, the theme of the wedding and personal mood towards your style. There are endless options to be creative on your wedding day. You could decide to make it floral and wear a floral suit made with damask jacquard fabric. According to Wikipedia, a Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, with a pattern formed by weaving. The pattern on a damask is woven into the fabric using a jacquard-loom. You could decide to have your suit made of this damask fabric, or you could have just the jacket made of this fabric.


Leather suits come in both 2 and 3 piece formal suits. The 2-piece suit has everything a traditional suit will have like a jacket and trousers and the same for the 3-piece suit which will come with a waistcoat. If you decide to wear a leather suit, you will feel really different and in a good way because you rarely see someone wearing a suit made out of leather, which means you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Leather suits are really comfortable as most of them are made from genuine leather, which is known to have a soft texture. Leather suits are comfortable enough to be worn for more than 8 years without any discomfort. Leather suits can also be accessorized easily. Try a leather fabric with snake prints or crocodile skin prints, and thank me later…

  • Jodhpuri Suits

A Jodhpuri suit or Bandhgala suit is a formal suit from India. It originated in the Jodhpur State and was popularized during the mid-19th-mid 20th century in India. It consists of a coat and trousers, sometimes accompanied by a vest. It brings together a shorter neck cut with hand embroidery, escorted by the waistcoat. It is suitable for occasions such as weddings and formal gatherings. Jodhpuri suits are contemplated as one of the most opulent and regal formal wear suits for men in India, however, the outfit has gotten profound demand across the globe for its royal whisking look, and is now being worn by people from around the world.

A Jodhpuri outfit for men can be worn as a two-piece or a three-piece, depending on how elegant the suit is and how modern the look is required to be. The material of the suit can be silk or any other suiting material. Usually, the material is lined at the collar of the suit, and the buttons are usually made of the same material of cloth or normal buttons as the case may be; this can be jacquard or plain fabrics. Generally, the trousers match the jacket, or a similar mild colour is worn.

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