Literary custodians have reiterated that for any literary work to pack the needed punch, it needs to come from a deep place.

Maybe that is true but that’s not all there is to crafting, elegant unforgettable prose.

You need a little more than depth affiliation.

From compelling characters to magnetic rhetoric, every writer should have an iron-clad technique to attracting readers every time someone glosses over your text.

Here are a few professionally certified tips to creating that masterpiece that will cause writing agents to literally kick down your door to get to you.


One of the most common writing clichés of the last century is the overly-used directive of ‘Show Don’t Tell.’

While that creates a vivid visualization for your story, it sometimes waters down the urgency of your narrative.

Flowery prose without the good -old, quick-witted, tell-all word styling sometimes comes off as elitist and without merit.

So you don’t want someone to read a portion of your text and then go “…ehhm, it’s well written but I am a bit unclear about what happened in that scene.”

The ideal balance you need to have to help elevate your writing sample is to show and tell in equal measures, not forfeiting one for the


In every story there are certain bottom-feeding characters that don’t do much in the way of helping the entire story along or featuring all through the narrative. But inspite of their ‘little contributions’ they somehow legitimize the main characters.

Minor characters are important to driving any story forward, so taking a few lines to make them more robust should be an essential part of your storytelling. So the next time you are tempted to hurry through a character just because they don’t do more in the story but fill in temporarily, while complementing the main character, carefully reconsider how more believable your narrative will be if the minor characters have compelling back stories, however fleeting their roles may appear to be.

So keep in mind that main characters play pivotal roles in driving a story forward but well-developed minor characters validate the main ones in a way that enriches and energizes your story.

Now, the next two tips will definitely blow you away.


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