A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on some of the types of headache and their causes – just a reminder. I have decided to complete the task and started doing some research online and some of these I gathered from old people. But one baffling thing was that, as a kid, my dad had a magazine he subscribed to: READERS’ DIGEST. This was a long time ago though. I doubt if they still roll out prints since the digital era has taken over. I never liked it because it was boring to me then. Fast forward to a decade later, I found myself as a writer and to grow more, I had to read more contents from the past and even the recent age. I took one of the issues from 2005 and found out some natural painkillers. Some are not readily available but you can still find some useful whenever you are in pains and you will feel better in a short while.

  • Give a good press

In a circular motion with a firm grab, massage the fold of skin between the base of the thumb and the second finger. Massage for several minutes. Switch hands and repeat until the pain subsides.

  • Heat up and cool down

Believe it or not, soaking the feet in hot water will help the head feel better. This helps to draw blood to the feet and this footbath will reduce the pressure on the blood vessels in the head.

Tip: Add bit of mustard powder to the water for severe cases of headache.

  • For tension headache, place a warm compress on the forehead or back of the neck. The heat will help the muscles in the area to relax.
  • For all the other types of headache except for the one above, you can apply a cold compress. You can get ice packs and put inside a light cloth and apply to the forehead.

Since headache pain starts from the nerves in back of your neck, move the compress to the muscles at the base of the skull.

  • The caffeine cure

A cup of strong coffee may do the trick. Caffeine reduces swelling of blood vessels and thus helps in relieving headache.

  • The gangster remedy

Tie a bandanna, scarf or necktie around the forehead; tighten to the extent where you feel pressure around the head. This will help reduce the blood flow to the scalp and in the process, relieves the pain caused by swollen blood vessels. You can even soak the bandanna in vinegar – an archaic headache remedy.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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