Honestly, I’m not one to outrightly say a film was terrible because I personally know how much effort goes into producing one. The amount of time, effort and talent that goes into creating a film isn’t one that should be dismissed in a matter of seconds. However, I must be honest with you guys and point out four reasons why I think Day of Destiny felt like a flop.

  1. Confusing Timelines

The time and space continuum is already an intricate subject that requires so much science and tech explanations for it to make sense to the layman. This film didn’t exactly think through the whole issue of overlapping timelines which the audience may be trying to follow. I had so much questions about whether reality will be altered to an extent for the parents, how about their memories? Will they remember Helena as an important part of their love story? Shouldn’t their lives still have changed if their past was tampered with? Too many unanswered questions. Then again I understand its not exactly a sci-fi film that NEEDS to explain the fine details so…..

2. Unrealistic Sets

I know the set design needed to reflect the Y2K, but everything still felt a bit staged. A lot of deserted sets, some background characters even looked like they were stuck in some kind of loop. Many of the scenes just felt so staged (even though all films are staged), the scenes didn’t just feel natural enough for me to flow with.

3. Weird Acting

Before I talk about the weird acting, I’m going to talk about the great acting. The first act of the film had really good acting from two key characters, The mom (Ireti Doyle) and Helena (Gbemi Akindele). I can’t tell if it was because the family felt so relatable, I could see my mom in and sister in Ireti Doyle and Gbemi Akinlade. Watching those scenes made me expectant of what was to come. Now to the weird acting. I’m a huge fan of Denola Grey, I really enjoy the fact he’s breaking into the acting industry and I’ve enjoyed his performances in his previous roles, but this…..this didn’t just sit well with for some reason. Idk maybe the character isn’t just for him.

4. Weird Ending

It had a rather abrupt ending in my opinion and I don’t mean the moments leading up to the ending. I mean from the last scene to the end credits. I was just staring at the screen confused, I couldn’t tell maybe it was my bad wifi that skipped over the smooth transition. It was just weird and unsatisfying.

With that being said, Day of Destiny wasn’t all too bad and all too great. I guess you can consider it a feel good movie? You watch it not to necessarily overthink about the details, you just watch, laugh and go. Also, I do admire what Anthill is doing, this really is the first of its kind here in Nollywood and expecting perfection is quite ignorant and unfair. Cheers to better groundbreaking films from them.

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