To all my fellow web series lovers, there’s a new web series on the block ready for you to binge watch. It’s all about messy romance, drama, Lagos life and heartbreak, all the ingredients for a juicy, addictive web series. The story follows the lives of five Lagos women who are navigating their messy love lives. Some want a proposal from prince charming, others have too many marriage proposals and others aren’t interested in either. The series is made up of a stellar cast if i may say, Arese Emokpae, Toni Tones, Bukola Oladipupo, Chinasa Anukam, Ikechukwu Onunaku, Elozonam, Karibi Fubara and many more. Here are four reasons why we’re absolutely loving it so far.

It Exposes Lagos Men

The Money.Men.Marriage series performs it’s civic duty ensuring all women are knowledgeable about the scheming, horrible ways of Lagos men. The series shows Lagos men in all their forms and glory. The sweet ones who carry last, the married ones looking to marry more women, the married ones screwing other married women, the rich who just want to spoil their ladies, it’s all there. At this point with all the types of men being portrayed in that show, if you proceed to date a Lagos man it’s simply at your own risk.

Eye Candy Cast

The show is full and I mean FULL of eye candy cast members. One minute Toni Tones is on screen, the next is Kabiri Fubara and then Elozonam, then Ikechukwu and then Bukola Oladipupo, you dey whine me? Just those faces alone are enough to keep you hooked till the end of the season.

It Exposes Lagos Women

Lagos men aren’t the only ones to be feared in the streets, some say Lagos women are actually more dangerous than Lagos men and this show gives us a glimpse into that. If it’s not accepting marriage proposals with no intention of getting married, then it’s forcing your long term boyfriend into an open relationship with your sugar daddy. As you can tell all Lagos occupants are messy and ruthless, it’s a pick your poison type of situation in this city.

It’s Hilarious!

Okay maybe hilarious is a reach, but it is fairly funny at times. I’ve caught myself laughing on some occasions so yes i’ll say it’s pretty funny. I’m not sure there’s anything Nigerians love more than comedy so you’d definitely love it.

With these few points of mine I hope I was able to convince you and not confuse you to go watch the M.M.M series on youtube. There are about 7 episodes currently and an episode is about 40 minutes, that’s more than enough to get you through the weekend.

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