When was the last time you went on a first date? Did you have fun? Or was it a typical dinner and movie kind of date?

I don’t know about you, but I get really excited about a first date. It’s the first time you’ll be meeting this person that you’ve only spoken to over the phone or via chat. It’s especially giddy if you have an excellent connection with the person and you’ve just been waiting for the moment that you finally get to meet.

First dates are really important because they’re basically the moment of truth. Do they look like the pictures you have seen? Or the person you’ve been chatting with via video call. What kind of first impression do they make? Are your energies in sync? Do you like the way they dress? Speak? Act? Are they as funny as they seem? Are they as friendly? Do you have similar tastes in food and activities?

A first date typically answers a lot of questions that you may have been harbouring. So it’s really important that it goes really well. The first step to making sure this goes well is planning a really awesome first date. So, whether it’s a joint plan or a surprise, it should be something you would both enjoy and not the regular or predictable kind.

If you ask me what my ideal first date would be, I would say dinner and a movie. However, I’m definitely open to trying new ideas and new experiences. And I would definitely appreciate it if whoever I would be going on a first date with took the initiative to plan a really fun first date. Even if it’s just dinner and a movie, but with a twist. And that twist can be playing around with dinner location ideas or even movie location ideas.

So to set you up for a great start, here are four out-of-the-box first date ideas that you can use for your next first date.

Experience arts and crafts hands-on activities at Breather.NG

On this date, you can both relax and explore your creativity by learning how to make different arts and crafts. Breather.NG usually has a calendar of activities for the weekend. You can use this to plan a first date full of fun activities. Visit @breather.ng on Instagram for more information.

Get Competitive with Bowling and Arcade at Rufus and Bee

Rufus and Bee is a fun spot in Lekki that offers bowling, an arcade and other games. It’s a really good place to go if you both love games and are competitive, but make sure to keep it a friendly one. One tip for the guys is to let your date win more games than you. You’ll score extra points for that.

Experiential Dining at Amazonia Restaurant

There is a new exclusive rainforest dining destination in Lagos, and it’s an experience you should definitely share with someone you really like and are trying to impress. The restaurant space is cosy and beautiful, with amazing views. Check out @amazonia_lagos for more information.

Enjoy a lovely picnic at Lufasi Nature Park

Lufasi Nature Park is a nice place to get away from all the noise and have a lovely picnic. All you need to bring are your favourite foods and beverages, something to spread out on the grass, and a blanket to share. This will make for a very intimate date, especially if you would love to talk and you just want to spend time alone.

Don’t forget to come back and say thanks when your date compliments you on your “out-of-the-box idea” and share your experience with us!

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