It’s salary week, which also signals the end of another long month of hard work. Many people would have received that amazing credit alert, which has a way of uplifting a person’s mood. Money really has magical powers because no matter how low you feel, the minute you get a credit alert, you begin to radiate with joy and giddy laughter. We all know this feeling, and it’s magical; it’s the only real magic some of us get to experience. It’s no wonder ABBA sang the lyrics, “Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world.” Because when you have money, everything seems funny to you, lol. 

Well, after 21 long working days, you finally have some money to play and have fun with, and I’m here to put you onto some events happening this weekend where you can spend some of that money. Even if it’s for this weekend only, you should “jaiye 5star” and remember the rule: it’s VIP, no regular. You deserve to relax and be taken care of, and you deserve some fun and excitement.

So after scouring social media, here are the four fun and exciting events I found:

Beach Games Evening

This event is put together by @yellowlyfetours in partnership with @partyriderapp and will be taking place on the 30th of July. The gate fee costs five thousand naira, and the first 50 people to arrive get a free photoshoot and party rider souvenirs. There will be food, complimentary drinks, games, and networking. For more information, click on the Instagram handles above.

Brunch at the Beach with Filmmakers

This event is for filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers, and it’s a chance for networking and meeting the finest in the industry. The event will be held on Sunday, July 31st, at noon, and access will cost fifteen thousand naira. For more information, visit @yellowlyfetours on Instagram.

The Big Birthday Bash-Denim Party

The Demin Party is the July edition of the big birthday bash for those born in July. The party will hold on Friday, July 29th. The access fee is five thousand naira and the dress code is denim jeans. There are table packages for those with a larger party or who want VIP treatment. For more information, visit @thebigbirthdaybash on Instagram.

Silent Disco and After Party

This is another event by @yellowlyfetours and it’s happening on the 29th of July. This event will feature afrobeat and have 2 DJs. For bookings and enquires, visit @yellowlyfetours on Instagram.

PS. Tush magazine is in no way affiliated with any of these events or the organizers. Every event mentioned above is shared for informational purposes only. 

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