Hello Foodies, It’s officially salary week! That alert is about to come in, and what comes next after a credit alert? You guessed right; it’s Enjoyment. It’s time to start making plans for how to flex this weekend and where to swipe your ATM card. However, allow me to be that still small voice in your head reminding you to spend wisely. The cost of living in our dear country has risen dramatically, as have monthly expenses, so even if you YOLO, you must still be frugal with your money and cut costs wherever possible, especially if you’re saving towards an important goal. 

That said, let’s move on to the nitty gritty of this blog post, which is the four best restaurant deals in Lagos (part 1). Thanks to our very own Naija Dora the Explorer, @bellaexplores, we can provide you with this scoop. Food and lifestyle blogger Mirabella shared these four spots on her Instagram page, and if Bella says they have the best deals, we undoubtedly agree. All the restaurants mentioned are places I’ve been hoping to try, so I’m excited about this one, and what better way to try a new spot than with a sweet deal that saves you money or gives you value for your money.

  • Sidebar By Miskay

First up is brunch at Sidebar by Miskay. Sidebar by Miskay is a cutesy little restaurant located in Lekki Phase One. They have a brunch deal for Sundays at the price of ten thousand naira per head. This deal includes a main dish with a dessert or starter, plus bottomless mimosas. Bella says the chef at Sidebar has yet to disappoint her, so you can expect a delicious meal. Things to note regarding the Sunday brunch deal are that brunch only lasts for 3 hours and bottomless mimosas last for 2 hours only. Check out @thesidebarbymiskay on Instagram for more information.

  • La Taverna

La Taverna is a restaurant on Victoria Island known for its pasta and pizzas, two very important Ps in my opinion. Pasta Thursday is one of their most popular deals. This deal costs 5,500 naira and includes a plate of pasta as well as a free glass of wine. There are 12 different types of pasta to choose from, giving you plenty of options. “I don’t know how they keep their prices so low because, honestly, they do an amazing job with their pasta Thursdays,” Bella says. One thing to keep in mind about the pasta Thursday deal is that it’s best to make a reservation to ensure a seat. La Taverna also has deals on other days, so visit their Instagram page @la_taverna_lagos to know more.

  • Lily Gate Hotel

The Lily Gate hotel is famous for its buffet restaurant. The hotel, which is located in Lekki, is usually bustling with people trooping into their buffet restaurant. I’ve dined here for a friend’s birthday, and I agree with Bella that they have good meal options and their food tastes good. Their Sunday brunch deal costs 14,500 naira per person and includes an unlimited buffet and a glass of champagne, chaman, or soft drink. They also have a live band that plays during brunch, so if you’re into that, you’ll enjoy brunch at Lily Gate. Visit @liligatehotel on Instagram for more details.

  • Oshey Bar

This one is strictly for the ladies and will make a good choice for your next girls’ night out. Oshey bar, which is located in G.R.A Ikeja, offers ladies night every Friday. On ladies’ night, all ladies get 2 free drinks. This deal saves you from having to buy a cocktail, so you can save that money and still have a good time with your girlfriends. Ladies night starts at 7pm and you can get more information from @osheybar on Instagram.

Don’t be a gatekeeper and hoard this information! Share this blog post with your friends and family. And if you end up visiting any of these restaurants, please come back and share a review in the comment section of this blog post.

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