Manchester United fans are probably the happiest set of soccer fans in the world at the moment. I’m sure they understand what it means for something to be too good to be true – the signing of Alexis Sanchez sure feels like that. The club already appears to be the biggest winner of the current winter transfer window after securing the signing of Alexis from Arsenal. There is little doubt that Manchester United is the club to envy.

Alexis Sanchez is sure to make an early impact on any team in the world, be it Madrid, his former team, Barcelona or his new club, Manchester United. The Chilean attacker has been labeled a mercenary who would give a lift to any team that hires him. The diminutive fleet-footed attacker is certain to make it into the first team of any club of world and starting from January 22nd, 2018; he would be filing out with stars likes Pogba, De Gea, Lukaku and co.

The thought of Sanchez running down the wings at Old Trafford where he is expected to be evoking fear in opposition players and tearing apart their hostile defenses, has caused Manchester United fans to revel in boundless excitement. For United faithfuls, the view looks perfect but it is not. It is more of a clear sky with a little shade. Here are 3 reasons Manchester United might regret signing Sanchez:

  • Sanchez Is Not A Long-term Solution

The Alexis Sanchez deal is actually a brilliant one but it is still only a deal that fits into United’s short term plan. Sanchez is closing in on 30s, he is arriving as a player in his prime who has about 2 more seasons of top-level football in him. Antonio Greziman would have been a better option, although more expensive. The French player operates on the same level as Sanchez and he looks like has 7 more seasons of first rate soccer in him. Sanchez’s arrival throws a clog in the wheel of the allegedly agreed Greizmann’s transfer to Manchester United..

  • Threat to team harmony

The squad harmony in an soccer club should be treated as sacred. It should be maintained and preserved, if collective success is to be achieved. The squad harmony in the current United is rumoured to be suffering a crack caused by two factions in the team – some experienced players are irked by the actions of some of the young players. It could get even worse with the arrival of Sanchez who comes with his own size of ego to a team already dealing with egos of players like Paul Pogba, Ibrahimovic and co. – including that of Mourinho. The fact is, the bigger the team grows the more egos are likely to collide.

  • Stunting Growth Of Young Talents

Alexis Sanchez is expected to walk straight into the ManUtd team and he was quick to state his preference for the left wing and central role. His arrival poses a direct threat to the positions of players like Martial, Rashford & Lukaku who are considered the future stars of the club and expected to develop their talents especially through match experience. The arrival of Alexis is sure to limit the match experience available to these starlets who now face the risk of playing fewer games which could lead to frustration that could cause these young stars not to fulfill their potential or even worse, cause them to dump the club.

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