Midway through every creative’s pursuit of greatness, an unanticipated run of dry spell or creative block will assail their otherwise spotless creative journey.

And this happens to every variety of creative, without exception. For music artistes, your antecedent as a renowned songwriter known for dishing out hit songs without a hitch doesn’t matter at this point. Creativity decides without any formal announcement to desert you for a season and pitch its tent elsewhere.

For some creatives, it’s a rather short season while for others it’s a considerable length of time but the fact remains that every artiste regardless of place or pedigree shares in the distasteful curse of ‘creative dryness.’ 

So, if you are by any chance presently in and around the above scenario, here are a few essential tips that might just come in handy.


Sometimes your inability to conjure up fresh ideas might probably be because you are trying too hard. So, walk away from your art form and do something very different from your usual routine. 

Play a game, take a walk, listen to some strange music, read a book or visit a friend. 

Anything away from what you usually do sometimes is the key to sparking up new ideas and helping you create again.


Creativity, like any other thing can be programmed. Consciously design a ‘location’ where you do all your creating and in time your senses will attune to the programming.

If you are a portrait painter, only paint in a particular location and nowhere else. This ensures that whenever you ‘assume that arranged position,’ creativity by default begins to flow.


A regular documentation of a daily activity has been known to spark up some really cool ideas.

This is based on the popular premise that every experience is deepened by repetition and what better way to repeat and relive something than by writing about it.

Here’s how it works.

You keep a notebook handy and from time to time scribble down out of the ordinary occurrences in the course of your day. These occurrences when you go through your notebook at some later date begin to consolidate into sketchy ideas which in turn become solid.

That’s it, some proven tips to give you a fighting chance against creative block whenever it comes calling.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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