Someone once said that there are as many music artiste hopefuls in Nigeria as there are young people.

And although that’s an overly exaggerated statement, the fact remains that we have a teeming number of young people who are drawn to the entertainment ecosystem.

Roughly three in every four young person is an entertainer of some kind, and with the growing number of music creatives online, there is a need to standout from the crowd, if you hope to ever get noticed.

The emphasis is ‘online.’ There’s no point prancing around your street, acquiring local bragging rights, when you could be gathering influence with a more diverse and global audience.

The vast majority of newly signed music artistes in the last few years have been discovered by record labels online, so gone are the days when your only hope of ever being seen by a record label A&R personnel was at the local rap battle across the street.

So we have compiled 3 must-have tips to help you get noticed in the midst of all the noise online.

1. Be Aggressively Social

As an artiste, it’s not enough to just own a visually-unappealing Instagram page and regard the rest of the platforms as irrelevant. That’s a no, no.

Reekado Banks was discovered by Don Jazzy on Twitter, so why on earth are you averse to trying out other platforms. 

The trick is to sign up on any and every new social platform that you come across. You might not be active on them right away but there’s a good chance that when you get googled, your name show ups more because you are available more.

2. Be Content Crazy

As a 21st century artiste you are not just an artiste, you are a performer.

The earlier you realize that people don’t just want to hear from you when you have a new single to drop, the better for you.

Ever wondered why superstar music artistes with million dollar careers and successful enterprises still find time everyday to post content on their social media platforms regardless of how big they have become?


It’s the new currency of fan loyalty.

So if music artistes like Cardi B and Lizzo make out time everyday to honour their fans by posting something on their social media pages, then you should too.

A picture, a quote, a video will do. Also, try to resist the urge to only create posts that show you as a ‘god.’ Create more human-based experiences.

We know you have bars for days and would like to let us know how versatile you can be but that’s not all that your content plan should be based on.

3. Be Aware

As a modern artiste, you are plugged into a global timeline stacked with amazing resources available to you.

So your part is to be aware of what’s happening around the world and simply key in.

Whether it’s a global protest, a hashtag-driven campaign or an online trend, you need to make an effort to plug in.

And you need to do it in a timely manner so as to benefit from the social currency that it provides.

So when hashtags are being scoured by millions of search engine bots online, your own personalized content activity will not be left out of the loop.

The above list is by no means comprehensive. There are several other things you can do to get ahead in your search for music relevance, but if you religiously follow the aforementioned tips, you will be well on your way to glory.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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