The year 2000 started on a different revolution and the music industry was not left out when Marillion decided to make a new album without a contract from his usual phonograph producer who he claimed cheated him of sales royalties. In order to fund the next album, Marillion asked the fans for help. At this time the band had 6000 email addresses on their database who they sent mails to asking to be ready to purchase the album in advance – 5800 agreed and only 200 were not interested! (The 200 can go hug a lion anyways). This was the turning point for the industry and other creatives. Many platforms allow creatives to beg for money and finances to bring their idea and talent to life. More than usual, they end up generating more than enough capital to fulfill their dreams. 


Though the company operates from Brooklyn, New York, it spreads its benefits to the rest of the world. As New York is the home of creativity in the world, it is no surprise that they decided to sit among all creatives. Kickstarter admits all creative start-ups and businesses. Most artists on the platform beg for around $5000 on Kickstarter in order to record an album and often get the sum if they are popular. In 2012, American singer Amanda Palmer requested for $100,000 from her fans through Kickstarter to make her new album. 24,883 fans donated a staggering $1.2 million. She used the money to market the album and tour.


Unlike their competitor, Kickstarter, this platform has its headquarter situated in California, a hive which accommodates almost all creators of music, films, designs and technology. Their model allows entrepreneurs to ask for money in bringing their dreams to life. During this pandemic, they have helped independent musicians record EPs and albums that have drawn attention on TikTok and triller and other social media spaces generally.  


The platform has boasted of donating more than $5bn from its loyal donors. It also allows people to request for funding for all courses unlike the first two that are solely for creative individuals but musicians have fairly received the goodwill of donors from GoFundMe in recent times.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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