It is very okay to shun the fallacies and demons that haunt the recording industry by consuming all the products that emerge from it – music, live shows, merchandises, concerts and tours. It is noteworthy to mention that folks in the music business have dedicated their careers to revamping the ethics of the multibillion dollar industry.  


Payola, the term used by industry experts to describe the financial and monetary tips that labels and artists offer to radio and television personalities so that their songs and videos can receive massive airplays. Nowadays, stardom and fame rests on the shoulders of tastemakers and artists will bribe their way to the top at all cost. In this case, the upcoming without sponsors and the funds will hope on their talent and the resilience of fans to boost their career. Several music lovers and other passionate music executives have kicked against this practice by calling out some radio hosts in the past but payola has eaten deep into the media and communication spheres. 

Illegal downloads and fake streams

Overall, the percentage that accounts for streaming as part of the music market share is 47% and this figure would have been more if not the fact that there are hidden people behind their laptops and phones siphoning digital service providers and music creators of their revenues and royalties. Bots and automatic streams have made it possible to cheat algorithms thereby counting fake streams. Blogs and unregistered websites have also created opportunities for listeners to get the music as free downloads depriving musicians of livelihood. 

Selfish music professionals

While the first three address the raw problems in the industry, the last addresses personal problems of people and how they milk creators of their money through unprofessional mannerism. Managers, business managers, A&R personnel have gone extra miles to scam upcoming musicians. Some have come as allies and eloped with money once paid for consultancy services.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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