3 Art Galleries to Visit in Nigeria

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As the Giant of Africa, Nigeria is home to some of the continents finest everything. From nightlife to daytime scenery, Nigeria has got you covered. If you’re an art lover and looking for some amazing art galleries to view art in Nigeria, this article is for you.


This Abuja-based contemporary art gallery is perched in Ukpabi Asika Street, Asokoro. Launched in 2015, the art-hub has housed the art works of contemporary African artists including Ken Nwadiogbu, Victor Ehikhamenor, Doofan Kwaghhool and many others. The gallery also comprises of an Atelier, which is a boutique hotel and a café. So if you’re ever in Abuja looking for places to visit and absorb contemporary art, you should definitely check this gallery out.


Located in Eko Hotel and Suites, Art Twenty One is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing international contemporary art. Situated in one of Lagos’ most prestigious and diverse hotels, the art gallery is a sight for thousands of locals and tourists residing at the hotel. If you’re looking to get away from the city’s rowdiness, take a drive to Art Twenty One someday.


Delaroke a small contemporary gallery located in Old GRA Port Harcourt. It’s one of the few established galleries pushing arts and culture in the city. The gallery houses both contemporary art pieces and local cultural pieces. It also hosts paint and sip events for those interested in having a nice outing with friends.

So if you’re in any of these cities and looking for a nice chill spot to spend the evening or the weekend, make sure to check out these art galleries.

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